HBO Releases Teaser for New 70s Music Drama, ‘Vinyl’

Written by Matt Taylor

Olivia Wilde in Vinyl
Photo: Niko Tavernise/HBO

Martin Scorsese and HBO are teaming up again, this time moving the action from Prohibition-era Atlantic City to the 1970s music industry. The first teaser for their upcoming drama, titled Vinyl, was revealed on Instagram this week and, while it doesn’t show much, it certainly sets the mood for what could become the next big hit for the respected network.

Vinyl will follow a husband and wife (Bobby Cannavale and Olivia Wilde) running their own record label throughout the wild 1970s. The impressive supporting cast includes Juno Temple (Maleficent), P.J. Byrne (Horrible Bosses) and Ray Romano (Everybody Loves Raymond). The teaser doesn’t reveal any other new plot details, but it does confirm that, at the very least, that classic rock music and drugs will play a big part in the drama.

Scorsese will direct the pilot, which was written by Terence Winter, marking the third reunion for pair after The Wolf of Wall Street and their last HBO drama, Boardwalk Empire. Mick Jagger will also serve as an executive producer on the project and will, undoubtedly, help ensure the show is an accurate depiction of the rock-n-roll industry.

Vinyl will premiere in 2016.