Review: ‘Pro Wrestling FAQ’ by Brian Solomon

Pro Wrestling FAQ cover

Brian Solomon has composed what should be considered the Torah of professional wrestling. The wealth of knowledge packed into this one book is incredible. It is concise, to the point, without any long or drawn out tales. Pro Wrestling FAQ is the concrete foundation on not just knowing, but learning everything behind the historical nature of what has now become the Sports Entertainment industry. Author Brian Solomon has crafted an intricate look into history, being the microscope for the reader to analyze and educate on the positive and negative events throughout the history of professional wrestling.

I have no reservations to say I love this book. As a fan of wrestling, this book gave me an education about aspects not only in regards to the business side, but how wrestling grew and evolved as a form of entertainment leading back to its roots as a circus act. If you thought you knew everything about professional wrestling, think again, and then think even harder.

This is a book for anyone who looks for an education into history, or want the behind-the-scenes information from a former writer and editor at World Wrestling Entertainment. Brian Solomon was there, he can tell you exactly like it is. Fans love getting the instant gossip from a dirtsheet, but this is knowledge which will empower a fan young and old for a lifetime. For those seeking shorter explanations, there is a handy glossary in the back which details the meaning of popular terms, catchphrases, and even short and concise notes on wrestlers from various eras.

The book has a number of strengths. The way it is broken chapter by chapter into different eras, different topics, and even different promotions make reading an absolute pleasure. This would make the best textbook ever. It flows, regardless of chronological order. There are points where they book takes the reader a few years back, but only to further elaborate on important points in wrestling history. It is hard to say this book has any weakness, only leaving readers wanting more.

In closing, if I were in college, or graduate school, trade school, or a school to learn the meaning of Professional Wrestling, this book would likely be the required reading for my 101 course. Pro Wrestling FAQ is the foundation for anyone desiring to really know wrestling and the business it is today.

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