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The WWE-EK: Wishful Thinking


I am very curious about this stable formed by Star Dust with the Ascension. I get the logic, they are all outlandishly dressed and “out there” however the chemistry feels forced. Many figure WWE just has nothing for the Ascension to do, and reluctant to send them back to NXT as it could send the wrong message. I think it might be up to WWE to suck up the pride and admit the ball was dropped when bringing them up to the main roster. The shtick of berating classic teams and beating up jobbers did nothing to resonate any sort of emotion with the audience, and it certainly did not help when the commentary team, specifically JBL openly bashed them and doubted their ability. What happened next further hurt the duo as a number of “classic” tag teams beat the everliving snot out of them.

The one saving grace was being allowed a clean win over the New Age Outlaws, but that was soon forgotten as well.

Pairing with Star Dust is a concern, as although Star Dust is very charismatic as a character and although booked as a heel, fans still embrace the crazy. I fear this could lower his stock in the eyes of fans, and make him less of an effective character. Now, if this were to turn into some sort of larger stable idea, then perhaps this could be enjoyable. My thought is Neville will now recruit a team of his own, this feud will last perhaps one or two more months, and all goes back to status quo.

I wonder what will happen to Curtis Axel and Damien Sandow. The latter of whom I share the most worry. The guy is crazy talented, and likely earned the loudest live crowd pops on a weekly basis. Now, he is off RAW and to my knowledge, has not been seen on SmackDown. I shame myself, but I couldn’t care less about the son of Mr. Perfect. Joe Hennig tried his best, but he is not his father, nor should he try to be, and so far his booking has been mediocre, save for his silly AxelMania gimmick which, like Hulkamania itself, seems to have been erased from WWE’s personal history books.

Speaking of Hulk Hogan, he made his apology, he tried to justify it, which does not do him any favors, but he seemed right about one thing. He grew up in a different generation, a different era, hell, a different world. We have become so sensitive over every little thing, it is a wonder more people from sports all across the gambit haven’t been fired for saying something stupid. He admitted he said something stupid, he made a mistake. The problem is it became a bigger issue than it needed to be, and WWE jumped in for damage control. Taking Hogan out of Tough Enough? Yes. That was the right thing to do. Pull his merchandise, again, agreed. Removing Hulk and Hulkamania from the WWE Network, the website, and acting like the eighties never happened? Sorry, little too much for me.

This is the wresting industry, so after some time, all will be forgiven, and he will be back on WWE programming before you know it.

Someone who may not be as fortunate is “Superfly” Jimmy Snuka. Word has gone out regarding an arrest made for an incident where tragically a woman died back in the eighties. The short story, he had been with another woman at a hotel, “something happened” which resulted in the woman suffering a traumatic and fatal head injury, however Snuka was never charged due to lack of evidence. With a new investigation and more modern methods of investigating, damaging evidence was revealed, and nearly two decades later, he was formally charged with third degree murder.

I play old wrestling video games from time-to-time, and I laugh. These games are not just full of retired wrestlers. They are full of dead wrestlers, mostly from disease or health problems, disgraced wrestlers, or people who just wound up in the gutter.

Well, that’s enough misery for this week. The High Holy Days are nearing so I have to start cleaning out the skeletons from my own closet.

Gotta call Triple H to borrow a shovel.


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