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2015 Summer Movie Wrap-Up


The summer of 2015 was pretty darn mediocre, but if for nothing else, I’ll remember it for one thing – it was the summer of over reaction.  I’ve been a film fan ever since I understood what a movie was, and I never in my life encountered a season where critics and fans over reacted to the point of lunacy.  This summer proved beyond a shadow of a doubt that people take into account what they read and hear about a movie as part of their final analysis (Fantastic Four, Terminator: Genisys).  It proves that if your film is based off existing material, or is a sequel that doesn’t live up to expectations, you’ll extrapolate the flaws further than they should go (Entourage, Pixels, Ted 2).  I’m not saying these movies are great pieces of cinema, but the scrutiny and vitriol they received this summer is alarming.  I’m sorry, but there are worse movies than Pixels, yet everybody just couldn’t wait to pile on Adam Sandler.  This summer showed us that the way movies are being reviewed and perceived is troubling, but that’s a discussion for another day.

Sorry to get all dark and gloomy – we’re here to celebrate the summer (yay)!  Despite this summer being kind of bland, there were some definite gems.  Let’s start with the good before we get to the bad.  Here it is – my complete breakdown of the… 2015 Summer Movie Season!

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Daniel Cohen
Daniel Cohen
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