Another Marvel Show In The Works At ABC


Not all heroes wear capes. The phrase runs especially true in the Marvel Cinematic Universe with agencies like SHIELD (and potentially SWORD) existing in behind the scenes. They do the important job of keeping the world spinning while the superheroes are off fighting evil. One other organization has always come up in conversations about the MCU and now it seems like they will make it to the small screen. They are a small force made up of contractors, comptrollers, and traffic managers who take care of what’s left behind after giant third act action scenes affectionately known as Damage Control.

According to Deadline, a half hour comedy series following Damage Control is currently in the works at ABC. This makes sense considering the network already features two other Marvel series in Agents of SHIELD and Agent Carter with a third apparently in development. This would be the first attempt at a straight comedy for ABC. It is being written by former Daily Show executive producer Ben Karlin who has a pilot commitment for the series with ABC.

Damage Control was created in 1989 by Marvel as at attempt to shed some light on the behind the scenes of the expanding Marvel Comics Universe. The organization was created by a combined effort from Tony Stark and Wilson Fisk and eventually passed through a few hands. There have been some notable super members of the company including the yet unintroduced Hercules and Speedball. There is no word yet on how much Damage Control will cross over with the other Marvel shows on ABC or Netflix but all signs point to quite a bit. Also if you’re wondering if Damage Control has been alluded to in the MCU, the answer is kind of. The phrase was visible on a TV behind Tony Stark in the final scene of Iron Man.

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