The WWE-Ek: Live from New York… It’s Saturday Night!



Man, with all these holidays, I am missing a lot… or am I?

Last night was the WWE Network broadcast of the live event at Madison Square Garden. I apologize for not providing coverage but my wife and I were catch up on Doctor Who. The show kicked off with Dolph Ziggler and Randy Orton, two people I have a hard time even imagining as a tag team take on Sheamus and Rusev. The babyfaces won the day after Sheamus and Rusev failed to get along, resulting in a loss and Rusev getting clobbered post-match by Mr. Money in the Bank. Poor Rusev.

In a match we have seen a million times, Adrian Neville took on Stardust. In a funny moment, Stardust stole Neville’s cape, which wound up costing him the match, falling pretty to the Red Arrow. Yes, we have seen the match over and over, but for some reason I do not get tired of seeing the two.

For our drama portion of the evening, Team Bella defeated Team PCB when Charlotte and Becky Lynch bailed on Paige. Turnabout is fair play, except this is what we have been dreading all along, the NXT women getting sucked into bad scripting. It was inevitable.

In the shock of the night, Kevin Owens earned a win, not the cleanest, but a win over Chris Jericho. Despite being portrayed slightly heel-ish at Night of Champions, Jericho was over with the crowd, although losing to an eye-poke into a rollup. Lance Storm was at ringside.

The New Day manage to once again sneak away with the WWE Tag Team Championships, as Xavier Woods deliberately got his team disqualified.

In the “we saw this coming a mile away” match, Brock Lesanr defeated the Big Show. Brock took the giant to Suplex city before splattering him with an F5. Did you really think this was going to go the other way?

In the main event, John Cena retained the United States Championship in a Steel Cage match against Seth Rollins, thanks to interference by Kane. You knew that had to happen.

Mostly quiet, I think around the wrestling world. We know TNA is still cruising along, not really going anywhere, while GFW has been dealing with booking issues and canceled shows. Not good at all.

Jack Swagger and Bray Wyatt were injured at a house show in Maine.

Is there a pay-per-view coming up?