New York Comic Con 2015


It’s that special time a year again where superheroes and villains unite to praise Con…no not that Kahn, I’m talking New York’s annual Comic Con.

This year, the Pop-Break staff will be venturing into the wild geek yonder and experience first hand all the wonderful panels and cosplay New York Comic Con has to offer. From the Comic Book Men to the Walking Dead, everything will be featured as New York goes all out this year for Con to remember! With some special mention to an excellent reunion panel for Firefly, an introduction panel to the highly anticipated Evil Dead series, and an extremely hush hush panel for the new Batman vs. Superman movie, New York has you covered from head to toe with all the juiciest entertainment news to keep you satisfied for months to come.

For all the latest and greatest news, Pop-Break has your back with full Con coverage as we cover the hottest panels and interview the biggest celebs. For major updates on all the breaking news this weekend, follow us on Twitter at @PopBreakDotCom and check us out on our Facebook page.

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