NYCC: Five Most Interesting Things from Sean Bean’s Legends Panel


In the Empire Stage on at New York Comic Con, fans got a look at the new season of the TNT drama Legends starring Sean Bean. After the viewing, Sean took a couple of questions and we have assembled a list of the Five Most Interesting Things from Sean Bean’s Legends Panel

1. Don’t Kill Sean

Fans of pop culture know that the running joke about Sean Bean is that he always dies at some point in his movies or televisions shows. At San Diego Comic Con in 2014, the #DontKillSeanBean hashtag was even started as promotion for the first season of Legends. It was no surprise then that the first announcement jokingly made by Legends showrunner Ken Beller was that Sean does indeed make it to the second season. It shouldn’t come as too much of a shock but I’m sure fans of Sean are always glad to hear it.

2. Meet Dmitri


People familiar with the first season of Legends are in for a big surprise. Season two is taking a very different approach to the character played by Sean Bean. Originally, Martin Odom would take on a new personality every episode handling different missions without much connection episode to episode. The second season is all about exploring the history of Martin Odom by focusing on one character, the Russian Dmitri Petrovich. From what we were able to glean in the first episode, Dmitri was some sort of Czechian mobster who was being pursued by the American government and that past will haunt Martin in the present day.

3. Looking Forward

When asked what to look forward to in the future of Legends, showrunnuer Ken Beller promised that after ten episodes, viewers would indeed learn the true identity of Sean’s character. The preview of the first episode offered some hints at the identity of Sean’s character including one huge fake out. Sean Bean added that people who watch Legends Season 2 can also look forward to more shirtless Morris Chestnut, so that’s something.

4. Binge of Thrones


Sean Bean is eager to rewatch the most recent seasons of Game of Thrones. At the Game of Thrones panel earlier that day, some of the stars of the show were asked which deceased character they would most like to see brought back. The overwhelming consensus from the stars and the fans was Ned Stark. Since his fateful departure in the end of the first season of Game of Thrones, Sean has apparently been so busy with other projects that he hasn’t been able to keep up with GoT but hopes to watch it all when the series is finished.

5. Sean’s First Con

That’s right. Despite being a part of classic nerd projects like The Lord of the Rings, Game of Thrones, and Goldeneye this is Sean Bean’s first NYCC and the rumors are that it won’t be his last comic con in the near future. According to Heroic Hollywood, Sean is one of the actors in contention for the villain in DC’s upcoming Wonder Woman film. Sean is rumored to be playing Ares, the Greek god of war alongside Eva Green as the witch Circe. If this is true, Sean will likely show up to a future convention with confirmed stars Gal Gadot and Chris Pine.

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