NYCC Panel Recap: 5 Things We Learned About Supergirl


CBS gave fans of the upcoming Supergirl show a chance to watch the first episode and talk with some of the cast members at New York Comic Con. To sum everything up, here is a list of the Five Most Interesting Things From the Supergirl Panel

Meet the Cast

New York Comic Con’s Supergirl panel featured a screening of the pilot along with a panel featuring two stars of the show. Mechad Brooks was there as a more seasoned Jimmy Olsen who now goes by James and Peter Facinelli plays the yet unseen Maxwell Lord. Facinelli got to expand a little bit on the character of villainous billionaire Maxwell Lord. Peter said that Lord wants to save the planet through humanity and sees superheroes as a distraction.

When asked whether the relationship between James and Kara would be platonic, Mechad explained that “You can’t just go hit on Superman’s cousin. He will destroy you.” When Brooks got a chance to ask executive producer Ali Adler a question he asked about whether James will ever come down with superpowers? She answered “For now, you remain a mortal like us.”

On the “Big Guy”

The speaker made a point to mention some of the verbal gymnastics that the pilot engaged in to avoid filling the show with the word “Superman.” Characters often referred to Superman as “him” and “the big guy”. When asked about the relationship with the elephant in the room, executive producer Ali Adler answered “We all live in someone’s shadow. She gets to be at the forefront It’s her show.”

New Villains

Supergirl has previously announced several well known DC villains like Reactron and Livewire but fans have been wondering who else we might see. According to Adler another well known villain will make an appearance in the form of Toyman. The character will obviously have a relationship with the character played by Jeremy Jordan, with whom he shares the surname Schott. Ali Adler also answered a fan’s question about whether the General on the show was the infamous General Zod but Ali made it clear that the General is NOT General Zod.

Girl Power

It is hard to ignore the obvious void in the tv superhero landscape that Supergirl is filling by being one of the first female superheroes to get her own show. When asked about the behind the scenes staff, Adler commented that “Supergirl’s writers room is 50% female, as it should be. It brings balance.” Adler also said that they aspire to be on the level of shows like Buffy and Alias with “strong badass women” and on her gender she said “You wont forget it. You’re just gonna takeaway that she kicks ass.”

Crossing Over

The big question many of the fans are asking is whether Supergirl would cross over with the well established Arrow and Flash. Adler answered very diplomatically “We don’t know what’s going to happen down the line. In success anything is possible.” When the stars were asked which comic characters they enjoyed working with and who they would love to see in the future, Peter said he had an especially good time with Red Tornado and also wanted to do a crossover in the future with Batgirl. Mechad loves Green Lantern and wants that ring. Adler answered “We’ll get you a ring” Mechad exclaimed jokingly, “You heard her say that.”

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