TV Recap: Saturday Night Live – Amy Schumer, The Weeknd

Written by Jennifer Amato

Saturday Night Live - Season 41

Saturday Night Live: Season 41, Episode 2 – Amy Schumer (Host), The Weeknd (Musical Guest)

Pre-show Thoughts: Having seen comedienne Amy Schumer perform stand up in person, I eagerly waited to see how she fared on this week’s “Saturday Night Live.” Since Schumer is known for being very raunchy, especially when talking about her relationships, I wasn’t sure if the content of her skits would be as racy on TV. Although I haven’t seen her recent movie Trainwreck I’ve heard she was true to her form, so I was hoping for the same during the skits. Plus, I couldn’t wait to see what The Weeknd’s hair looked like …

The Good: In true Amy Schumer form, the opening monologue included the words “butthole” and “vagina,” a series of Kardashian jokes and sexual innuendos about Bradley Cooper. She tackled body image, drinking with Hilary Clinton and the role of women in Hollywood. All in all, the first five minutes of the show felt like a comedy show, which is exactly what I was hoping for.

Photo Credit: Dana Edelson/NBC
Photo Credit: Dana Edelson/NBC

The “Hot for Teacher” scene was hilarious. Schumer “lays” on the puns as she hits on one of her students – while getting interrupted by a student who is actually interested in tutoring. The scene is complete with campy, bad porno music. The purposely bad acting suited Schumer, as it added to the humor of the scene.

“Weekend Update” was the best part of the show, as usual. Herpes is easier to get than guns; Coach Derek Fisher is one Knick who knows how to grab a rebound; Justin Bieber’s penis is “not that bad” –compared to the Speaker of the House, it appeals to everyone without truly satisfying anyone while leaning a little too far to the left; New York Comic Con is “reverse Fleet Week”; Chuck E. Cheese’s revamped menu with alcohol is to loosen up pedophiles.

Since I hate all things selfie, I loved the hands-free selfie infomercial. The colonoscopy-looking device attaches to your rectum. To take a picture, just clench.

The Bad: The first scene after the opening monologue was a disappointment, in my opinion. Having flight attendants sing to the tune of the Spice Girls was outdated. Amy Schumer’s character flying on the wing of the plane only to be brought back inside a minute later was unrealistic. The content of the scene was just plain boring.

Photo Credit: Dana Edelson/NBC
Photo Credit: Dana Edelson/NBC

There were too many references to guns in this episode, considering the multiple shootings that took place this week. I have no problem if producers wanted to voice an opinion about gun control, either for or against it, but the fact that so many people died and were injured this week just did not sit well with me. I think it is very ill timing.

And last, but not least, The Weeknd’s hair – ‘nuff said. Although, his voice does sound a lot better than I expected it to – especially when accompanied by Nicki Minaj.

Overall: This was definitely a good episode of “Saturday Night Live.” I think Amy Schumer shines more when doing stand up than taking part in pre-written skits, because she is not a great actress, but overall I think she delivered a good performance. With an upcoming HBO special, I think this episode was effective in bringing attention to her as a comedian. I think viewers got just a taste of her humor, and will be pleasantly (or offensively) surprised if they watch her stand up.

Rating: 7/10

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