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NYCC Panel Recap: Angie Tribeca


When Rashida Jones left Parks & Recreation fans were undoubtably sad, but we all knew she was moving on to bigger and better things. Most would think that she would focus her attention on making more comedies like I Love You Man or try to find more roles like The Social Network. It was great to find out that not only was she sticking to comedy, but also focusing on a brand new series unlike anything else on television.

The idea of a comedy set in a police precinct is not new. Andy Sandberg’s Fox comedy, Brooklyn Nine-Nine, is currently one of the most enjoyable shows on television. It was strange when Angie Tribeca was first announced. Would it be the same type of show only with a female lead? After watching the pilot it’s safe to say that Tribeca is not a Brooklyn Nine-Nine clone, but a wacky and original series all it’s own.

I worked on the first three seasons of Friends and this is the most fun I’ve ever had, said writer Ira Ungerleider about working on Angie Tribeca.

Before the panel began, audiences were treated to an incredible opening montage of Angie’s morning routine that was both hilarious and well coordinated. The tone of show could really be explained in that opening montage, it’s the style of humor that was perfected in films like Airplane and The Naked Gun. Outrageous situations, insane answers to normal questions, and constant hilarity fill every scene. The show’s supporting cast is well balanced and includes Jere Burns (Justified), Hayes MacArthur, and Andree Vermeulen.

The panel began with the most random moderator of all-time, Chris Hansen (To Catch a Predator) came out to introduce the cast. Jones, Burns, and Vermeulen were joined by writer Ira Ungerleider. It was a surprise to see that Steve Carrell and his wife Nancy had created the show, and that Carrell had directed the pilot. When asked about how she got involved, Jones said that Carrell had emailed her the script and wanted to know if she was interested in the lead role. She said she she didn’t even know that Carrell had her email. When asked about the likelihood of her Parks & Recreation co-stars making appearance, Jones mentioned that Adam Scott will appear on one episode, but they are all welcome to come on the show.

The show takes the cliches of every cop drama and pokes fun at almost every aspect. The angry captain, the will they/won’t they relationship between partners of the opposite sex, and the super smart lab tech are just some examples of the types of tropes that are mocked. There are so many great moments in the pilot that must be experienced first hand, which includes a few great guest stars. Hopefully, Angie Tribeca has found the right home on TBS and it will find an audience worthy of its genius.

Angie TriBeCa premieres on TBS in January 2016


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