NYCC Panel Recap: Samantha Bee and Jason Jones Talk TBS


Samantha Bee and Jason Jones are an absolute powerhouse duo in the comedy world. They’ve been doing work together for many years, but most people recognize them as two incredible correspondents of The Daily Show. Their whip smart satire and amazing ability to have people make complete fools of themselves is beyond extraordinary. When it was time for Jon Stewart to retire, both Jones and Bee came up as replacements fans would love. Bee especially was sought after because many really wanted a woman to finally lead this late night staple.

Alas, TBS was far too enticing, and this couple was brought over as a pair to shore up their comedy block. Bee will become the only woman doing a late night program with Full Frontal with Samantha Bee, a weekly 30 minute topical comedy show. Jones will lead an exceptionally raunchy show called The Detour where his television family learns dark truths about each other on a trip gone awry. The couple will work together on the programs and there might even be some surprise appearances, but at the end of the day, they’re two very different shows.

When talking about her new show, Bee couldn’t help but detail her incredible frustration with how male focused the late night landscape is. She even told a story about how someone tweeted her a photo of all the nighttime hosts, and it looked like something you’d find in a frat house.

“I just got so angry when that photo came out,” said Bee. “I think people feel so exhausted by it.”

Moderator Mo Rocca couldn’t help but joke about the situation.fullfrontal-600x338_090220151039

“How do you plan to represent women everywhere?” he asked Bee.

“It’s just me,” Bee replied. “I’m a one women band, I plan to do everything.”

As stated before, Bee’s career really skyrocketed when she became one of the most loved correspondents The Daily Show ever had. When asked how her new show will balance similar field material from her past, she was very open about it being a work in progress.

“We’re still trying figure it out. I love going out into the field so that will be part of it. I want to explore my stories, out there.”

Bee also couldn’t help but discuss how field work prepared her.

“Doing pieces lets you find your edge. It was the ultimate preparation to doing [my] own show.”

A clip was shown that had Bee walk around Comic Con asking artists why their female characters were practically naked, and it proved how hilarious this can be. For the record, most responses had to do with using sexuality as a power and staying aerodynamic. Kids weren’t exactly happy when Bee presented them a male covered in very similar clothing.

Jones will also run his own comedy force with The Detour. A trailer was shown during the panel and it proved that this new program will significantly push the limits of cable restrictions. The couple as a whole is extremely aware of this, and Jones even provided an example.

“It’s definitely a TV-MA comedy,” said Bee.

“In the opening episode, my daughter gets her period in a strip club,” Jones elaborated. “We’re going to make TBS very funny now.”

As it turns out, Jones hasn’t exactly had a lot of success getting programs picked up. The Detour in this case is extremely special to him.

L-R: Jason Jones, Samantha Bee, Mo Rocca.

“This is actually the first show that I wrote to get picked up,” Jones told the audience.

Since these two aren’t your typical comedians, the Q&A session wasn’t normal either. Instead of bringing fans up to the mic, Rocca invited four lucky individuals to sit on the table between the two stars and ask their questions there. As expected, topics asked quickly turned to their children. Bee and Jones confirmed that their kids have been involved with bits before, but the latter was quick to prove that it didn’t always work well.

“Children do NOT get satire until they’re at least…six,” Jones told a laughing crowd.

When asked what their kids think of their work, the pair was quick to make one point clear.

“Our kids do not give a shit,” said Bee.

“I was on the set of Pitch Perfect 2, and I brought our kids over,” said Jones. “When Elizabeth Banks came over, I said ‘Look kids it’s the woman from The Hunger Games!’ They were just, ‘Eh.'”

Lastly, when they were asked what it was like to have their own shows, Bee was happy to tell everyone how great it is.

“To be able fully explore my own material is great,” Bee replied. “I can literally do whatever I want.”

Both The Detour and Full Frontal with Samantha Bee will premiere in early 2016 on TBS.


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