TV Recap: WWE Monday Night RAW is a Lumberjack Match…FROM HELL


RAW got interesting tonight. Corporate Kane is in charge, and our first match, we get Randy Orton and Dean Ambrose talking, and they get a match at Hell in the Cell, against Luke Harper and Braun Strowman. Sadly this is all WWE has for Ambrose and Orton right now. The segment is interrupted by The New Day and we get our first match. Faces seem to work well until Orton is knocked into Ambrose, allowed New Day to pick up the win. Funny match.

More hype for Brock Lesnar vs. Undertaker. All promos.

Nikki Bella defeats Naomi. No one cared about that, as the entire arena erupted for Sasha Banks. She deserves it.

Next up, in a surprise, Dolph Ziggler challenges John Cena for the United States Championship. Crowd lost their minds when his music hit. Chicago people. Chicago. Ziggler and Cena put on a great match, with numerous finisher attempts at the end, which concluded in favor of Cena. Great match, but again, Cena wins. I tell you, each week Ziggles is more and more looking like our generation’s Shawn Michaels. Even seen “tuning up the band” gearing up for the Superkick. Funny moment, someone proposed during the match, the crowd erupted, and even Cena stopped what he was doing to acknowledge it.

Next up, The Dudley Boys demolish The Ascension. So much for the push. In a slightly longer tag team match, Sheamus and King Wade Barrett defeat the pairing of Cesaro and Neville. I dig each team. Cesaro and Neville compliment each other really well, as do Sheamus and Barrett, both being the rough and tough brawlers. I still prefer to see Cesaro in singles action.

Someone should have turned the mic off when Roman Reigns went too long and started blowing it in front of the pressure of the live crowd. Crowd starts chanting “What” at him and he defended himself. Big mistake. Then crowd goes for “Boring!” chants, and defends himself again, even worse, saying “No, this isn’t boring! This is real!” Ugh. Reigns, for a while I really thought you were improving on the mic, but this just set you back a year. Thankfully, you put on a pretty good match against Braun Strowman, winning by count out, which ironically continues to make Strowman look strong. Post match Reigns sucker punches Bray Wyatt.

Alright, we know what happens on TMZ. They get dirt and they get it out. Rusev and Lana are engaged in real life. I am sure WWE knew this, regardless they were forced to deal with it on camera, and did so in the most simplistic and reasonable way possible. Rusev eats a loss to Ryback, and following the defeat, Summer Rae tears into him, with a big slap across the face as the exclamation mark. Simple, effective. Rusev retains heel status, but now we wonder if this whole love story is over.

Crowd goes nuts as Intercontinental Champion Kevin Owens heads out for his match against Kalisto. We all know Owens is going over, just a matter of counting the minutes. Owens is no-nonsense and I love it.

Brie Bella and Alicia Fox defeat Charlotte and Becky Lynch. Paige at commentary says Natalya is stealing what she created. At least Natalya seems relevant again. NXT women put on a good match, but the ending gets odd, some miscommunication I think, but Brie Bella hits a second rope dropkick for the win. Charlotte not doing too well since winning the Divas Championship. Not good.

Backstage, via speakphone, Triple H and Stephanie scold Kane for booking himself against Seth Rollins in a Lumberjack match tonight. Corporate Kane assures them he will make things right. Backstage, Seth Rollins tries cozying up to Big Show, thinking the giant would protect him. Show compliments Rollins on his sense of humor and walks away. Rollins is confronted by Kane and relived to hear he will not be facing Kane tonight, but rattled to find out he will still have a Lumberjack match tonight.

As predicted, “Demon” Kane shows up instead of “Corporate” Kane. Lumberjacks prevent Rollins from escaping. Oh, look! Jack Swagger still has a job! Rollins tries to escape again, is caught by faces. Kane get knocked to the floor, heels stay away. The second time, Kane starts brawling with New Day and Ascension, until Big Show gets in his face. Kane decides to strike first, and eats a KO Punch as punishment. Odd booking move. Heels roll Demon Kane in, but kicks out at the pinfall attempt. This allows Rollins to go on the offensive for the duration of the match, which pushes the belief Kane needs to take a serious beating in order for Rollins to have a chance. The inevitable roster brawl erupts, because it always has to. Kane down, heels stomping away in the ring, until Big E. starts gyrating to set up for a splash but Kane sits up, scaring everyone, allowing the faces to save the day, driving everyone out of the ring. Rollins attempts the Pedigree, fails, and eats a Tombstone for the convincing win.

Good move for Kane to go over. Even though I have some faith in Kane actually winning the championship one last time.

Next week, we will have Brock Lesnar, The Undertaker, Ric Flair, and Shawn Michaels all together. F5s for everyone!