NYCC Panel Recap: Top 5 Moments from Comic Book Men


Comic Book Men assemble…for NYCC 2015.

On the first day of Comic Con, the stars of AMC’s Comic Book Men (Kevin Smith, Walt Flanagan, Mike Zapcic, Bryan Johnson, and Ming Chen) came to the Empire Stage to talk about all things comic and future teases at the new season with moderator Kevin Smith running the show. While the majority of the panel were questions to Kevin and him telling some pretty awesome stories, there were plenty of jokes amongst the cast to last a life time. They talked about their beginnings with the show and some awesome guests that will be stopping by The Secret Stash (an amazing comic book store in Red Bank NJ) this upcoming season.

So here is the top five moments from the Comic Book Men panel.

  • Kevin was approached for AMC to do this show and had no clue originally who he wanted to star in it or where they could shoot it. Only after talking about budgets for location shots to shoot the pilot episode, Smith realized they could use his own shop, which he had completely forgotten about and didn’t even mention at all when talking about creating this show, which resulted in a lot of laughter from the audience. The idea to include his friends was a bit harder after it took time to convince them after declaring, “They didn’t want to be the next Snookie.”
  • Kevin Smith is a dream maker. After fulfilling the dreams of accepting a full film a fan had made after Smith suggested it to him years ago, he also offered extra roles to anyone that wanted to be in Mallrats 2 and even offered the job to a fan who’s dream was to be directed by Smith.
  • Smith is a huge Daredevil fan and converted the whole cast of Comic Book Men to watch the show. Smith went on to describe a fight sequence that happened in one long take in episode two of the hit Netflix series titled Cut Man. He talks about how he wishes more comic book films did it the way Marvel did with Daredevil and showed the soft and tough side of the superhero and boy did he make a believer out of me.
  • Holy guest starts Batman. When we were shown the sneak peek at the newest season, there were so many famous faces I couldn’t even keep track. Some familiar faces coming to The Secret Stash will be Adam West and the man, the myth, the legend himself-Stan Lee.
  • Watch out for some news regarding extra spots for Smith’s new film Mallrats 2. He said he will be releasing the casting call sometime in December/January and has plenty of room for any fans to be in the film!


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