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Review: Back to the Future #1

Back to the Future #1

Are you a Back to the Future fan? Did you ever wonder how Doc and Marty met? Well, wonder no more. In IDW’s first issue of Back to the Future, arriving just in time for Back to the Future Day (10/21/2015), those who were curious about how the two knew each other will finally see how their bromance began. That, and they will have a little bit of a sneak peek on how the Doc joined on with The Manhattan Project.

The book begins with Doc telling his kids Jules and Verne all about his adventures. What better way to begin than how he met Marty? The perspective shifts from Doc’s POV to Marty’s, and we see a familiar face from the film, Needles, aka the punk that has caused McFly way too much trouble. Seems that Needles needs something from Marty, and the only way Marty can get it is…well, do you see where this is going?

That being said, the bringing together of the two characters isn’t some life changing experience, but it is actually pretty simple in the payoff. Fans might be upset that it isn’t much more than it is, but if you think about it, what sort of massive event do you think should’ve had Marty meet Doc? I am sure there is plenty of fan fiction out there claiming to have better ideas, but this comic was written by the guy who wrote the Back to the Future films, so I think if anyone is going to set up the meeting of the minds, it’s Bob Gale (who penned all three movies).

The artwork featuring the 1982 (it happens three years before the events of the films) story line is a little bit rough, nothing much to write home about. However, when we get to 1945 Doc and The Manhattan Project near the end of the book, the illustrations are a bit more flashy, striking a similar look to the IDW Ghostbusters run. Interesting why they didn’t use this style the whole book, but oh well. It makes it easier on the eyes towards the end.

For those expecting more time travel/a DeLorean, look elsewhere. This issue is setup, pure and simple. If you are true fan of Back to the Future and want to know the backstory behind its heroes, look no further. Otherwise, disappointment is bound to set in. In any case, Back to the Future # 1 is a fun, entertaining read and should delight those who love anything having to do with the film trilogy.

Rating: 8/10

Back to the Future #1 by IDW Publishing is Available now

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