TV Recap: How to Get Away With Murder, ‘Meet Bonnie’

Written by David Oliver


Meet Bonnie Plot Summary:

It’s all about testimony this week, with Asher (Matt McGorry) still mulling being an informant and Annalise (Viola Davis) trying to stop Helena Hapstall’s testimony from being allowed in court. Plus: We learn devastating truth about Bonnie’s post (Liza Weil), and the Rebecca (Katie Findlay) mystery takes a swift turn.

In this week’s flash forward, we see Asher and Bonnie in a car, Bonnie fleeing past Sinclair’s (Sarah Burns) dead body.

So, there have been so many murders on this show I’m mixing them up. Bonnie lying to Asher re: Sam’s (Tom Verica) murder last episode didn’t even hit me until this one; I guess I saw it initially as her coming clean about Rebecca’s murder. Anyone else have this problem?

Photo Credit: ABC/Greg Gayne
Photo Credit: ABC/Greg Gayne

Asher thanking her for telling the truth only hurt that much more. Poor guy, something I never thought I’d say.

Asher heads to Annalise following talking to Bonnie more and hearing her story, to which Annalise tries to manipulate him. He still tries being an informant, but his Daddy issues creep up again. Sinclair encourages him to be a good guy.

Annalise tells Nate (Billy Brown) that Nia asked her to give her pills, so that secret was short-lived. You really can’t trust Annalise.

Frank (Charlie Weber) and Laurel (Karla Souza) are the hottest couple on network TV, objectively. The Keating 4 also had a brief orgy discussion — seemingly leftover from two episodes ago.

As for the Hapstall case, the Keating 4 are tasked with trying to discredit dead aunt Helena’s testimony. Turns out she’s a racist. Caleb (Kendrick Sampson) walks in on some of the gang watching video proof — ouch. Too bad the testimony is still going to make it to court.

Levi (Matt Cohen) continued to be sketchy, even pulling a gun on Bruno at the cemetery. Wes really has no clue what he’s dealing with.

In self-aware moments: Oliver (Conrad Ricamora) asks Connor (Jack Falahee) and Michaela (Aja Naomi King) if he thinks Annalise would ever pay him, a.k.a. something I’ve been wondering forever. Connor tells Oliver he may be going to jail and says he loves him. I have a feeling he’s going to crack and tell him everything, but Oliver may not be one to stick around. Unless secrets of his own pour out.

Photo Credit: ABC/Mitch Haaseth
Photo Credit: ABC/Mitch Haaseth

When the Keating 4 berate Bonnie, Annalise tells them Bonnie admitted to Asher that she killed Sam, all to protect them — this series’ thesis, apparently.

Annalise asks Nate to tell her what’s going on with Wes (Alfred Enoch) and he tells her that Wes thinks she killed Rebecca, and isn’t sure himself. Annalise tells Nate the same lie Bonnie told, not inspiring confidence from viewers. She wants to stop making everyone’s lives worse.

Michaela, Connor and Laurel see Wes with Levi, where he finally tells them that Levi is Eggs 911. Before anyone can really process this — and don’t worry, Michaela accused them of being gay already — the police show up and arrest Levi for meth possession. Turns out everything from this to Bruno’s intel re: a storage unit was just engineered by Frank. The suitcase in said storage unit, where Wes expected to find Rebecca’s body, was filled with money. Needless to say, Connor, Michaela and Laurel weren’t thrilled.

Bonnie and Asher admit they love each other, and she asks him not to testify. He says that secrets catch up to you. Bonnie tearfully calls Annalise for help, so she decides to show Asher — and the audience — something gruesome: a tape of Bonnie’s childhood, involving her father sexually abusing her. We obviously don’t see this, but it’s gratuitously implied.

Photo Credit: ABC/Greg Gayne
Photo Credit: ABC/Greg Gayne

Back in the future, Bonnie and Asher head to a gas station. Bonnie visits the bathroom and leaves Asher in the car alone (dumb). She takes off her coat and cleans off all the BLOOD. When she pulls herself together and returns, Asher is gone. He’s gone to the police and says he needs to make a statement.

Not gonna lie, for an episode very hyped up, it had little payoff. Here’s hoping the twists and turns prove more fruitful and less red herring-oriented.

Rating: 7.5/10


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