Film Recap: Paranormal Activity: The Ghost Dimension


Written by Tommy Tracy

Ghost Dimension Poster

I’m going to make this incredibly brief; don’t waste your time. I can’t think of a horror series that has fallen so far from grace. While the original Paranormal Activity isn’t the greatest movie ever made, it’s still a decent ride and has a good amount of scary moments. And yes, sequels are rarely better than their predecessors. However, they can still keep a competent story and vibe going. Unfortunately, the Paranormal Activity series is unable to do this.

I’m going to skip my usual plot summary because you’ve seen it in the previous five movies. Happy family, unhappy demon, camera never catches anything, noises are heard from across the hall and we all begin to wonder why in the hell we spent money on this. If this is supposed to be found footage (e.g. someone made this on a camera with NO production value), then how is it possible for a score and sound effects to be present? It’s impossible and the filmmakers know it and they don’t even care.

So how about some character development? Well, there’s none of that either because why would any horror film need that? I didn’t even bother to learn any of the characters names because they were so pointless and unlikable. I instead began to name all ten of my fingers because they were interesting and held my attention longer than this 88-minute fiasco.

The scares are, you guessed it, awful. There was one particularly startling moment that I won’t spoil here because you deserve to be surprised by at least one thing this film has to offer.

Look, I’m sorry for this. As a film reviewer I have a responsibly to uphold the honor of that. Every film deserves their day in court but this is one just deserves to be imprisoned. I love movies, I love discussing movies and sharing my opinions on them but I can’t even relay to you, kind and humble reader, the absolute lack of passion I had even seeing this film. I never look at my phone or check the time left on a film but you bet your sweet bippy I was during this film. The only thing saving Paranormal Activity: The Ghost Dimension from receiving the absolute lowest of F’s is the one decent scare I mentioned earlier and knowing it’s the final film in this franchise.

Final Grade: 1/10. 

P.S. I hate complaining like this. But this film brings out the absolute worst in this film reviewer. Thanks for bearing with me through this difficult time.