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Back to the Future is a film that has impacted a lot of lives. People consider it the end all, be all trilogy and they defend it in the face of Star Wars adorers and Lord of the Ring loyalists. It’s influence on film and audiences is something that, 30 years later, is as strong as it ever was. Nobody could’ve predicted it.

Back in Time, a documentary that was only made available to us thanks to it being successfully kickstarted (I was one of the financial supporters), details that influence in so many ways. From behind the scenes of Back to the Future and the early footage of Eric Stolz as Marty McFly, to a recreation of the town of Hill Valley in London, to people maxing out their credit cards to build a DeLorean Time Machine, no base is left uncovered when it comes to everything devoted to the movie’s lasting legacy.

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There are moments within that actually made me tear up. No, I’m not kidding. I won’t go into detail but my love for Back to the Future is so high it is insane. However, there are folks out there in the world who have took elements from the trilogy and used them for good, for positive aspects, and that to me is a beautiful thing.

In addition, also featured is the science behind making hovering items, mainly a working hoverboard. While I understand the need to include this part into the movie, the utilization of such a scientific portion, in my opinion, is better left to something on the Discovery Channel, or the History Channel. Actually, there was a special on the History Channel about the science of Back to the Future, and I felt that the segment was way more appropriate for something like that. It just doesn’t seem to gel in with the rest of the documentary.

That’s my only real major problem with the movie. There’s also a few cast members suspiciously absent from the documentary, most notably Thomas Wilson (Biff) and Elizabeth Shue (Jennifer in part 2 and 3), but stuff like that unfortunately happens.

Otherwise, everything featured is sure to delight fans of Back to the Future, even if they may have heard some of the tales already a thousand times. However, there’s enough additional material here, even from the cast itself, to really sink your teeth into. That being said, Back in Time is a well crafted and awesome look back at the movie that changed so many lives in the past, and will continue to do so in the future. That’s the power of love.

Rating: 9/10


Back in Time is currently streaming on Netflix and available to own on Blu-Ray and DVD

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