TV Recap: The Muppets, “Walk the Swine”

The Muppets

The worse thing you can do to a Muppet is to completely alternate the character in order to get a laugh. In the recent episode on The Muppets, we see Fozzie Bear insult his girlfriend for the sake of the joke. Miss Piggy is so jealous about having lost a part to Reese Witherspoon that she embarrasses Reese’s contribution to Habitat to Humanity. While most people would try to take this in stride, to me, the Muppets always stayed within the lines of being rude but not to the point that they would have to make fun of others.

“Walk the Swine” exaggerates the action of the two aforementioned Muppets to the point of nearly destroying everything they stand for. Fozzie is a comedian who has jokes who never hit, and to see him getting laughs at the downfall of others was 100% incorrect. Piggy, on the other hand, goes off the deep end with an attempt to return to good graces by the end, but the damage has already been done.

This episode also features a car accident between Scooter and Rizzo that probably the best to come out of all of this, but still falls flat. Rizzo plays the whole “family full of stereotypical mobsters” card, arranging people to help Scooter with his dented vehicle and thereby creating more problems in the long run.

Kermit is stuck in the middle of all this, cringing at everything Piggy does because he has nothing better to do.

With all that said, The Muppets hit a low during “Walk the Swine” and has fallen pretty far from the episodes that aired a few weeks ago. In addition, none of what I saw from these events was the least bit funny. They are going to really have to work their best to bring the magic back next week. Disappointing to say the least.

Rating: 3/10

The Muppets Air every Tuesday on ABC at 8pm

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