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Trainwreck stars Amy Schumer as Amy, a magazine journalist assigned to write an article about sports physician Aaron (Bill Hader). Despite her best efforts, Amy falls in love with Aaron and has to overcome her fear of commitment.

Several months back, Pop-Break writer Daniel Cohen reviewed Trainwreck for the site and hated it. I didn’t feel the same. Perhaps this is a film targeted more towards women because the majority of people I have met that loved this film were, in fact, women. I think some men find foul mouthed women unattractive and irritating while some women find them to be strong and independent.

Amy Schumer is one of those women that we all want to hang out with at a party because you know you will have the best night and wake up the next morning with a sore stomach from laughing too hard. Amy is the kind of woman we strive to be, maybe not necessarily her sailor mouth but her ability to not care what anyone else thinks and her ability to just have a great time with who she is.

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Despite the good things I have to say about Schumer, the best parts of the film are the supporting cast. John Cena was hilarious as Steven, Amy’s meathead ex boyfriend who is clearly gay. His obvious gay comments made me laugh on multiple occasions.

Colin Quinn as Amy’s hilariously offensive, asshole dad reminded me a lot of my brother. Considering my brother is one of my favorite people, I loved him.

LeBron James was quite possibly my favorite part of the film. I don’t watch professional basketball and I don’t really know a whole lot about him but I always figured he would be arrogant because of his abilities. He proved me wrong with this film.

Alright, lets talk about what you really want to know: Is Trainwreck worth buying? As I have said before, if you love a movie, you should support it by purchasing it; however, if you need an extra push, lets discuss the special features.

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The blu-ray release includes both the rated and unrated versions. Who chooses the rated version anyway? I worry about the people who choose a rated version of a film like this.

There is a hilarious gag reel, deleted/alternate scenes and Line-O-Rama. You had to know the gag reel would be funny when it involves Amy anyway.

There are featurettes including Secret of the Wu with Method Man, who makes an appearance in the film, and actor Norman Lloyd where Method Man talks about being part of the Wu-Tang Clan, a Making Of featurette with the cast, Directing Athletes: A Blood Sport, The Dogwalker, the Daniel Radcliff movie that plays in the theater in the film and Trainwreck Comedy Tour Featurette with the various comedians in the film.

If you are into commentary, you can even watch the film while listening to some funny commentary from Judd Apatow, Amy Schumer and Associate Producer Kim Caramele.

Long story short, its my opinion that Trainwreck is worth the money and all of the laughs you will have as a result of buying it.

Trainwreck is now available on Blu-ray, DVD and On Demand from Universal Home Video

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