Review: Back to the Future # 2

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There’s a lot of gaps to fill in regarding the Back to the Future saga. Two weeks ago, we found out how Doc and Marty met. While it was great to see finally how these worlds finally collide, it was somewhat simple and not an extremely creative path to density…err…destiny. In any case, Back to the Future #2 details what happened to Doc Brown’s mansion and why he had to move into a garage.

The year is 1962 and since Doc knows he’s going to be successful in building a time machine thanks to Marty’s arrival in 1955, he begins creating a way to travel through time. He is visited by two men involved in the Cuban Missile crisis, and these gentleman offer Doc a ton of cash if he can just provide them with a specific science project. There is a callback to the fist movie while Doc is showcasing his inventions to the visitors, and in the sequence of events, Doc makes a decision based upon an alternate future shown to him by his friend in time.

BttF #2

The book concludes with Marty needing help with a science project (the year is 1982 now), but Doc states that Marty must discovery the scientific way on his own. The last few panels of the book had me grinning wide, as Emmett declares his interest in a very important purchase.

I have to say, I liked this issue of IDW’s Back to the Future far more than the first. The story lines provided within were a bit more satisfactory, especially how this edition ended. Doc’s decisions felt very much in line with the character, and I really like how Gale wants to incorporate historical events in Doc’s life.

The artwork is also a step up from last week. It’s flashy and has a “cartoon” edge, but is pops off the page, a lot more compared to the first issue.

Back to the Future #2 was a quick read, but I guess that’s a good thing. Let’s hope that that the short run of the series only gets better from here.

Rating: 9/10


IDW’S Back to the Future #2 is available wherever comic books are sold

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