TV Recap: The Muppets, ‘Pig in a Blackout’

The Muppets

I’ve been having a hard time watching this new Muppet program. I don’t know if I begin every episode just wanting to hate the events that unfold onscreen. Last night’s entry, “Pig in a Blackout,” started off with disappointment so I was worried yet again that I was going to end up possibly dropping the show. However, the ending (and guest star) did a lot of things right so I will continue to tune in.

Here’s the skinny on the most recent episode: seems that Kermit is due for a break after an elevator incident, so he ventures off to Yoga/Meditation island and leaves the studio in the hands of Scooter. As Muppet fans are aware, Scooter is nothing without his boss, so of course chaos ensues, leading to the power going out.

There are jokes in the midst of this, but ultimately nothing hits. However, the diamond in the rough is a nice shared moment between Scooter and Gonzo that felt true to the Muppet way. The payoff of no electricity is actually pretty funny, as we learn how Piggy can still do her show.

Meanwhile, Kermit’s trip to calm down is interrupted by Jason Bateman, who is by far my favorite guest appearance on the show. I love jerk Jason Bateman and while he’s reigned in as best he can be for what you would consider a family show, his snark is wonderful and clashes so well with Kermit’s “do good” attitude.

Upon Kermit’s return to normal life, he has a really good solid moment with Rowlf that brings me all the way back to the Muppet Movie. Rowlf saying “damn” was a bit jarring but the moment wasn’t ruined. Kermit has a solo exit to the episode and nostalgia hits. A wonderful conclusion pretty much saved the first half of “Pig in a Blackout.”

There have been a lot of good moments this season that have been lost among bad decisions and poor writing. If the Muppets succeeds, it needs to add more heart to the story, and that was seen here. It doesn’t have to be nostalgic, it just has to feel natural. The writers focus too much on what the Muppets have to be (modern and hip) instead of what they should be, which is a team, a family. That connection needs to be made, rainbow or otherwise. Hopefully they’ll find it soon on the show.

Rating: 7.5/10

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