Seems like a lot has been going on in WWE lately. Between injuries and never-ending rumors, there is a lot to discuss.


I’ll get right to the meat of the week.


Dean Ambrose. Yes, earlier in the week Tommy Dreamer spoke up about the Warden of the Ambrose Asylum, saying WWE needs to make him champion, equating himself to Ambrose in a short but rational posting. Ambrose is a fresh element in WWE who needs to be utilized, and utilized right now. Everyone is expecting Roman Reigns to win the tournament next Sunday. Everyone expects the finals to be Roman Reigns vs. Dean Ambrose.


Does this NOT remind everyone of Survivor Series 1998? Rock vs. Mankind in the finals? Serious competitor versus psychopath? Super-babyface?


The dirtsheets will post titles such as “WWE desperately needs Daniel Bryan” or “WWE needs Cena NOW” or “Bring back guy from the 90’s because my blog needs clickbait.”


WWE does not need Cena, they do not need Lesnar, no Orton, no wrestler from yesteryear. The roster is chock-full of people who can carry the company, and that is the truth. WWE does not need one guy anymore. They have the benefit of an uber-talented roster. Dolph Ziggler, Cesaro, Kevin Owens, Tyler Breeze, Dean Ambrose, yes – Roman Reigns, Bray Wyatt, and Alberto del Rio. Ryback, the New Day, Titus O’Neal, Sheamus, are others worthy of major pushes.


It is up to WWE. I can understand why many are hesitant to put faith in a creative team who have a tendency to make outcomes as obvious as a brick to the skull. However, keeping John Cena as United States Champion was a welcome change, putting gold on Kevin Owens was also a big success, so there should be some hope. This tournament features wrestlers who are main event material. Ziggler, Del Rio, Ambrose, Cesaro, and yes, Reigns. While many still feel some sort of animosity for the crime of winning the Royal Rumble, feeling his push was too obvious and too soon, he has since been kept in mid-tier feuds since WrestleMania, so for him to win the tournament to be champion should not be as offensive. It will come down to HOW he is scripted to win. Heel turn? Super-Babyface push?


Some interesting winners and losers this week. Ryback putting over Kalisto was a big move which benefits both. While some may feel Ryback’s push is over, I want to second-guess that thought. Think about the 90’s and early 2000s where Rey Mysterio, when he was a novelty, would win matches against big guys. Same thing, Kalisto, an uber-talented luchador who is paired with the always-botching Sin Cara, needed something to set him off on a singles career. Ryback is a humble guy who would job to a child if asked.


Poor King Barrett. I’d like him to go off-script and completely lose it, smashing the crowd and go bat-shit crazy. I would, if I was constantly given big pushes, title reigns, and even the King of the Ring crown, yet somehow maintains a losing streak unfathomable, even by Duane Gill standards. I just do not get it. I really cannot understand. Why give the guy so many title reigns, a tournament win, yet have him lose all other matches? I am happy when he is scripted to win a championship, but what good is a belt if you job to everyone?


Read about Billy Gunn getting fired. That is a bummer.


A few days ago, I watched The Undertaker show up on Jimmy Fallon’s show and tombstone Brad Maddox in a turkey costume. This is when you know things are taking a turn. The last time I saw the Deadman on a talk show was during his American Bad Ass gimmick. Because then, his character was human. It just seems odd to bring him out, in full character onto a talk show, and piledrive a jobber in costume. Sign of the times I suppose, but still strange to me. Maybe I’m just old fashioned.