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Frank Miller will return for The Dark Knight IV


“Holy smokes Batman,” we’re only eight days away from the release of “Dark Knight III: The Master Race” and Frank Miller just revealed his intentions to write “The Dark Knight IV.” Yes, Frank Miller has already confirmed another sequel.

At New York Comic Con, it was highly evident that Miller took a creative backseat for “Dark Knight III” while the torch was passed to critically acclaimed writer Brian Azzarello. Miller was still active behind the scenes for his latest rendezvous in Gotham City but his future sequel will indeed be a solo effort. Miller told Newsrama.com, “”I thoroughly applaud what [Brian’s] doing. But now that he’s doing his, it’s now a four-part series. I’m doing the fourth.”

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Just last week, Miller also revealed the news about his prequel series “Dark Knight Returns: The Last Crusade” that will revisit the death of Jason Todd. This latest revelation will surely excite Batman fans worldwide; “The Dark Knight Returns” is the most influential Batman series of the last thirty-years. “The Dark Knight III” was billed as the final chapter in Miller’s legendary series but the Dark Knight will indeed rise again.

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