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Event Preview: WWE Survivor Series



I want an entire Monday Night RAW or SmackDown to be nothing but contract signings. Seriously. Why is it only one match per event gets a featured “contact signing” which inevitably breaks down into a brawl. Are there no contracts for the other matches? Are the other matches unsanctioned? Or are those contracts just handled by the legal department? I just don’t think it is fair one match gets special treatment. I think all matches should be equally treated, and before every major event, a contract should be signed.


Tonight is Survivor Series, and as of this writing it is still on, despite FBI warnings and attempts by ISIS to shut down the WWE event.


I am not making this up. The FBI stated WWE Survivor Series was investigated as a possible target, in part from Anonymous revealing potential targets during the hacking of ISIS, however Triple H released a statement via Twitter, because that is how statements are made these days, stating there has been no credible threat but they are taking it seriously enough to coordinate with the local authorities and have made some changes to gate openings and suggestions to take public transportation to keeping things running smoothly.


Some days, I can’t make stuff up.


What I can make up is how the show will play out. We have the semi-finals and tournament final to crown a new WWE World Champion, a Divas Championship bout, Tyler Breeze vs. Dolph Ziggler, and the Brothers of Destruction going up against two members of the Wyatt Family.


Here is the breakdown:


Dean Ambrose vs. Kevin Owens: We will get a great match, but we ultimately know the final showdown, and that is where the weakness of the show is obvious. Owens, being able to get as far as he has in the tournament is admirable, but I wonder what WWE plans on doing with Mr. KO following Survivor Series, besides having JBL constantly remind us he is a “Prize Fighter.”


Roman Reigns vs. Alberto del Rio: Sure, let’s say Del Rio actually wins. No. He won’t. But if he does, he still would not win the WWE Championship. Please. Management, while forgiving, does not forget infractions in the company. He role with Zeb Colter is insanely stupid, and the “MexAmerican” is going to enter a lackluster feud with Jack Swagger, a guy who hasn’t lived up to his namesake since WrestleMania 29. We know Roman Reigns is going to the finals.


Roman Reigns vs. Dean Ambrose: I have little doubts we will get a great match. There will be lots of near falls, many moments which will make us think twice about the outcome. Although right now, I am thinking twice. It just seems too obvious to have Reigns win, unless something screwy happens. Heel turn? Or Ambrose wins and he goes corporate? This night has Survivor Series 1998 written all over it, something not kosher is going to happen and that I can say with confidence. The build had Roman Reigns all over it.


Funny thing is, if Seth Rollins had not been injured, I believe he would still be WWE Champion after Survivor Series.


We are getting a 5-on-5 Traditional Survivor Series match. So, New Day and two randoms vs. The Usos, The Dudleys, and Zack Ryder?


Tyler Breeze vs. Dolph Ziggler: Mr. Ziggles will get a win here. Breeze is too new and his push will not happen for a while. Ziggler is starting to rack up an impressive losing streak, comparable to any span of time when Wade Barrett holds a championship. I cannot believe I just typed and admitted that. There is no rhyme or reason to this match, Ziggler will sell the crap out of everything Breeze will do. Or vice versa. It will be a good match.


Divas Championship: Paige vs. Charlotte: I expect Charlotte to retain, but I would not be shocked if Paige takes the championship before the Royal Rumble. Paige is on fire with her promos and hell, she is probably more over than Charlotte at this point. I really do not understand why Charlotte always has to cry in every damn promo she gives. Hell, on RAW, she did it to mention her late brother, and Paige turned the knife by slightly mentioning what really happened. She did not full out say the word “suicide” but hinted at it with a “guess little bro couldn’t hack it…” It was a tad line crossing, and to be blunt, outright stupid and unnecessary for WWE to have even scripted this in. Really stupid, and it shows how vastly different the NXT brand is to the main roster. In NXT, they would have built the feud, culminating in a match. But no, on RAW, we need to add drama, a contract signing, and some stupidity to make your eyes roll. Sorry, I was not shocked at the comments on RAW, I was appalled.


The Brothers of Destruction vs. The Wyatt Family

I fully expect swerves, which result in Undertaker and Kane taking on all four members. Sure, they card says two members, but it will probably first be Luke Harper and Erick Rowan, and then the team of Bray Wyatt and Braun Strowman. They have to make it interesting. I wonder if they will go all Mortal Kombat and start throwing lightning at each other or make the dead rise. Blackest Night? This is a weird feud which is right at home in 1991, but this is 2015 and we still believe it. This is going to be a wild match. WWE already stripped The Streak from the Deadman, I hope I do not watch them ruin his 25th anniversary too. Brothers for the win.



Michael Dworkis
Michael Dworkis
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