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Bold Box Office Predictions: December 11-13, 2015


Notable Openings This Weekend: In the Heart of the Sea

This is what we like to call the calm before the storm. This weekend is going to be putrid at the box office, a morgue like atmosphere if you will. Actually, scratch that. You may see a lot of people camping out in anticipation for next week (Alvin and the Chipmunks). But we’ll get to all that fun next time, because there’s a really big whale we have to deal with first. Ahoy mateys, let’s break her down!!


Ron Howard is the epitome of an inconsistent director. If Ron Howard were an NFL team, he’d go 8-8 every year. He’ll deliver masterpieces like A Beautiful Mind or Frost/Nixon, then release The Dilemma a few years later. When I saw the first trailer to this, there’s a chance you may have heard my groan from thousands of miles away. BOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOORIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIING!!! Oh man, does this thing look dreadful. Have you heard anyone talk about this film at all? It’s one of those movies where you dread even watching the trailer, sort of like Edge of Tomorrow. Whereas Edge of Tomorrow actually delivered, I’m very confident in saying this will not.

I’ve also said this many times, but Chris Hemsworth is not a good actor. He was great in the first Thor movie because of Kenneth Branagh. Have you seen him be great in anything else? And don’t give me The Cabin in the Woods. He was far from the reason that movie worked. While some disagree, his previous collaboration with Ron Howard (Rush) was also nothing to write home about. Maybe you like Hemsowrth, but he has no star power unless he’s swinging that hammer.


In the Heart of the Sea will probably be #1 by default, but it’s going to sink at the bottom of the ocean (no pun intended). I imagine this had a large budget, so not even a bad #1 finish can help it. Don’t worry though – I’m sure it will carry over really well next weekend.

1. In the Heart of the Sea — $12 Million

2. The Hunger Games: Mockingjay – Part II — $9.5 Million

3. Krampus — $9 Million

4. Creed — $8.5 Million

5. The Good Dinosaur — $8 Million

Daniel Cohen
Daniel Cohen
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