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Remembering the Classics: 2015 Highlights


A few weeks ago, Pop-Break’s own Video Games Editor Logan Fowler virtually gathered the aficionados on our staff to make their own Best Of lists for 2015. As expected, I was included on it. Yet when asked about my favorite games from this past year, I came to a starting realization: for the first time in many years, my library was bare of 2015 releases. I don’t even think I even played a new game. Of course, this is a side effect of me not owning a current major home console, but still, I do have a 3DS, and there’s been some awesome new titles on that handheld. Despite that though, I didn’t open my wallet for a fresh hit over 365 days.

However, it doesn’t mean I didn’t play games. I dumped plenty of hours into my PlayStation 3 and computer playing the games of old. Which is what brings us here! Instead of talking about my favorite experiences with new games over the past year, I’ve decided to address the older titles that kept me occupied. One is as recent as the Nintendo DS, while another goes all the way back to the NES era. Some were brand new experiences and others were nostalgia trips that evolved into a completely renewed investment. All kept me incredibly entertained despite not staying current.

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