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Trailer Tuesday: The Angry Birds Movie

Written by Logan J. Fowler and Justin Matchick

Trailer Tuesday

Angry Bird Poster Movie

Release Date:
May 20, 2016

Starring (the voices of): Peter Dinklage, Jason Sudeikis, Bill Hader, Maya Rudolph, Keegan-Michael Key, Josh Gad, Danny McBride

Director(s): Clay Katis and Fergal Reilly

Pre-Trailer Thoughts:
I’ve only played a couple levels of Angry Birds, and this was mainly for the Star Wars edition. Despite that, I know the game is still somewhat popular with kids, but does anybody else feel a film based on this property is coming to theaters way later than it should be? -LJF

Pre-Trailer Thoughts: I’ve never really played Angry Birds, but part of me can’t shake the feeling that this movie would’ve been better off coming out about 4 years ago. This seems to be coming out a little too far past the point where Angry Birds was in it’s prime and merchandise for it could be seen almost everywhere. I’m honestly kind of curious to see how successful this is going to be when it comes out. – JTM

Rate the Trailer: 2 out of 5. Boasting some gorgeous animation and a talented voice cast, this trailer didn’t have me immediately writing off the movie’s chances. That being said, this is going to be aimed purely at the kid crowd, so parents and young adults may not find anything redeemable here, unless some of them are die hard fans of the game. -LJF

Rate the Trailer: 1 out of 5. This looks particularly dire. The most I can say this movie has going for it is that it does have a very vibrant visual style. But the jokes are just dead on arrival and even the cast of usually very funny actors all sound so bored when saying them. The fact that nearly half of this trailer is devoted to a single unfunny joke about one of the birds not being angry as we expect makes me wonder how bad the jokes that they didn’t include in the trailer must be. – JTM

Theater, Rent, No Thanks, Undecided? Undecided.I may watch The Angry Birds Movie if it randomly appears on tv, but other than that, I’m not really going to miss out if I skip it entirely. -LJF

Theater, Rent, Undecided, No Thanks?
No Thanks. You probably could not pay me to go see this at this point. An easily skippable movie. – JTM

The Angry Bird Movie Launches into theaters May 20, 2016


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