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TV Recap: American Crime Story: The People v. O.J. Simpson, ‘The Run of His Life’

Written by Tommy Tracy


Here we are, the infamous white Bronco chase. The way this chase began and ended is an incredible story, one I definitely looked forward to when this show was announced. And, boy, was I happy with what we got this week.

Last week we left with O.J. jumping in his Bronco and heading south. We pick up right there with O.J. heading down the 91 Freeway (that’s a California Interstate, my friends) pursued by a dozen highway patrolmen, crying about his wife and wanting to see his momma. If the comedy didn’t end there, his hapless friend, A.C. (Al Cowlings) is in the driver seat trying to talk O.J. down from suicide. You gotta feel bad for this guy but the actor portraying him (Malcolm Jamal-Warner) is constantly in a cold sweat and every word he spews leaves his mouth at a hundred miles an hour. However, Gooding, Jr. redeems himself from last week and you’ll feel sympathy for O.J.

The same can’t be said about Robert Shapiro (Travolta) and Robert Kardashian (Schwimmer) who still ham it up and make it all about them. Lest we forget how important the Kardashian family is in our society, we see the Kardashian sisters (and one brother) crowded around their television as their dad read’s O.J.’s suicide note. And we wonder why these people are so screwed up. Great parenting, sir.

But that’s the beauty of American television…we see things we normally wouldn’t want to. Such as this show, chronicling the process of one of America’s most recognizable murder cases and again, The People v. O.J. Simpson kills it. If it seems like I’m being harsh, don’t take it too literally. The show is very interesting and even with its faults (there are plenty), it’s entertaining.



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