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TV Recap: Fuller House, ‘Moving Day’

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It’s moving day, as Kimmy (Andrea Barber) and daughter Ramona (Soni Nicole Bringas) move in with D.J. (Candace Cameron Bure) to help out, but both Ramona and D.J.’s oldest son Jackson (Michael Campion) aren’t too thrilled about it.

It’s sickening how much I know Full House. When the concept of Fuller House was released, I immediately predicted they would copy and paste an early storyline from the first season of the original series. D.J. was all upset about the new changes and losing her own room. In this episode, Jackson was all upset about the new changes and losing his own room. Yeah. They weren’t even shy about it. They literally made reference to the same thing happening! While a tired storyline, this episode worked fine as the first true episode of the new regime, now that the reunion element has come and gone. We did get a cameo from John Stamos though. I’m sure this will happen throughout the rest of the season. Old cast members will randomly pop in and out. But enough about the old, let’s get into the new!

They hid the kids in the first episode, but the time for relying on pure nostalgia has come and gone. We actually have to like the new characters now. For the most part, they were fine. Campion did a good job of carrying the main plotline and has plenty of charisma. He’s also had a good back and forth with Kimmy’s daughter, Ramona, who definitely has a lot of Gibbler in her. Once again, Barber stole the show, and she’s definitely the strongest actress out of the main three. Candace Cameron Bure is very likable and a good main character, just not super funny. I’m not thrilled about playing up Stephanie (Jodie Sweetin) as the once crazy night life partier. They lay it on pretty thick with all the “going to clubs” and “people hooking up” dialogue. We get it, she used to stay out late, but now she has responsibilities. Ease back on this, for crying out loud!

I mentioned my worry for little Max (Elias Harger) in the first episode, and it looks like my concerns were justified. The actor is fine, but he screams every line, and probably on purpose. Every line seems like a vain attempt to make a catchphrase stick. I get that was a staple of Full House, but it wasn’t every damn line of dialogue! We need to calm down on that stuff a little bit, geez.

As I mentioned, Stamos had a fun cameo as Uncle Jesse. He made a few meta jokes that were okay, but we need to cut back on the meta humor. It’s not really Full House‘s bread and butter. Also, Jesse seemed incapable of leaving the house. He always “forgot something,” and kept coming back. Dude, you don’t live there anymore. LEAVE! Speaking of Jesse, we saw his old attic apartment once again.

Full House Continuity Error Alert! We saw Nicky and Alex’s old room, but it’s actually on the wrong side of the apartment. What’s up with that? 

This episode wasn’t anything special, but it laid the foundation for the series. Some decent gags, but it did get juvenile at times. There was a baby fart joke we could have done without. Ugh. Now that we’re off and running, I’m hopeful we don’t have to rip off any more ancient and tired storylines.

Rating: 6.5 “Have Mercy’s!” out of 10

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