TV Recap: Saturday Night Live – Jonah Hill, Future

Written by Mark Henely


Saturday Night Live – Jonah Hill, Future

The Host: Jonah Hill

Jonah Hill is a capable sketch performer and a decent enough host. He can deliver a joke very well and he didn’t hold any of the sketches back. His only weak point is in his ability to deliver a monologue. Whenever a host is incapable of doing a stand up set, the monologue ends up being a mess of half-formed bits and singing. Jonah’s monologue was especially muddy and badly executed. It makes me think they should just shelve the entire segment every week that a stand up comedian doesn’t host the show.

Weekend Update:

Photo Credit: Dana Edelson/NBC
Photo Credit: Dana Edelson/NBC

The jokes in this weeks update were really good and the guest interviews were a little weak. Although, it was cool to see the return of Cecily Strong’s “Girl Wish You Hadn’t Started Talking to at the Party”.

Best Sketch of the Night: Voters for Trump

With each primary win, Trump goes from amusing idiot to terrifying omen of our disastrous future. The threat he poses to our country by winning this election is getting more serious all the time and, with that, so does our need for jokes to take him down. That is why my pick for sketch of the night was a sketch that characterizes Trump supporters as Nazis and racists. It was a simple sketch that loyally follows the standard sketch format, but we need more sketches that and jokes that really focus on painting Donald Trump and the vicious racist that he really is.

Worst Sketch of the Night: School Auction

Photo Credit: Dana Edelson/NBC
Photo Credit: Dana Edelson/NBC

Your usual episode of SNL has a few good sketches, a strong Weekend Update section, and a few sketches that are bafflingly bad. This episode is unique in that while there weren’t any great sketches, there weren’t any outright bombs. The worst sketch of the night, “School Auction” was a technically proficient sketch that would probably rank as a “better” sketch in a different episode. But, with no other outright stinkers in the group, I’m going to say the worst sketch was the one where two white guys dressed up in traditional middle eastern garb.

Musical Guest: The Future

The Future was completely unremarkable. He was just a guy who rapped. I didn’t know who the Future was coming in and I still don’t know what makes him different from everyone else. This guy had a chance to introduce himself to an audience who didn’t know who he was and he squandered it.

Also, the Weeknd showed up and sang a bit.

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