TV Recap: NXT March 16th Episode

Written by Tommy Tracy


NXT March 16, 2016

-A week after a near hour long epic between Samoa Joe and Sami Zayn, we finally get the promise of American Alpha vs. The Vaudevillains and some sort of showdown between Asuka and Bayley. We are also rumored to get a much-anticipated word from NXT Champion, Finn Balor on the matter. Also, will Zayn appear again in the NXT arena or is his main roster call-up a full-time thing.

-OLE! I spoke too soon as Sami (and his amazing entrance music, that may or may not be my ringtone) enters the NXT arena to address the crowd. He says he’s excited for NXT Takeover: Dallas (is he not wrestling at Mania!?) and is interrupted by William Regal who says at Takeover, Zayn will be taking on…HOLY HELL! NAKAMURA! The King of Strong Style! If the rumors are true, within 72 hours we will see Sami Zayn vs. Nakamura and then Sami Zayn vs. Kevin Owens. Talk about incredible talent. Ole!

The Hype Bros take on Angelo Dawkins (soon to be NXT superstar) and…honestly, I didn’t catch his name. Anyway, glorified squash match. Makes the Hype Bros look strong and Dawkins will be awesome in NXT very soon.

Deonna Purrazzo out next to take on Emma. These two (along with Dana Brooke) had a weak altercation backstage because Purrazzo is still inexperienced on the mic and management still thinks Brooke should talk. She shouldn’t. Sadly, these two don’t have much of a match. Quite boring and didn’t make Purrazzo look very good. Emma wins with an Emma-Lock. Side bar: why do certain wrestlers have awesome finisher names (i.e. Sweet Chin Music, Tombstone) and others have their names for finishers that don’t really belong (i.e. Swagger Bomb, Emma-Lock, Angle-Sault)? It’s weird.

Tomaso Ciampa quickly makes his way to the ring to quickly wipe the floor with Jesse Sorensen. Is Sorensen signed to a contract? [Editor’s Note: He is not]. I should look that up. Anyhoo, Ciampa wins with that sweet Elevated Armbar looks strong but I hope they don’t make the same mistake with him as they did Baron Corbin; constant squashes and little development.

-Every time Nia Jax’s music hits I think its Eva Marie’s. Strange choice. The two aforementioned are taking on Asuka and Bayley, not really the confrontation we were promised next week. This wasn’t much of a match (I smell time constraints) but the women did a fine job with what they were given as Bayley takes out Eva with a Bayley to Belly (see, that one is clever). Regal comes out again and announces that we will be getting Bayley and Asuka at Takeover. To quote the great Jim Ross, ahem, “BAH GAWD”!

-Next we get an awesome interview with Austin Aries. He claims Corbin should have asked for his advice instead of attacking him because basically, Corbin sucks. For those who don’t know Aries, trust me, you will very soon. I like Corbin. I LOVE Aries.

-Gather ‘round, everyone. Tag team action is up next to determine the #1 Contendership for the Tag Team Championship. I seriously love every tag team in the NXT Tag division and it’s hard to pick a favorite in this match up between American Alpha and the Vaudevillains. In the long run, this is a basic American Alpha match, but that doesn’t stop it from being a great match. Gable and Jordan can flat out wrestle and Gotch and English are so old school, so character driven, they always put on a good show. This had some old school wrestling and a variety of suplexes (of course) and American Alpha takes the win in a hard fought battle.

-Damn good NXT this week and I am so hyped for Takeover: Dallas. Sami Zayn vs. Nakamura, Samoa Joe/Balor II, Bayley and Asuka, Aries makes his debut against Corbin and the tag titles match will be a tag team classic (mark my words).