Netflix’s Luke Cage Teaser Trailer Released

Written by Alisha Weinberger

3020435-12While Jessica Jones is away, Luke Cage will play.

With less than 48 hours since it’s premiere and still weeks away from Easter, season 2 of Netflix’s Daredevil is serving up some serious easter eggs. After much astigmatism induced binge watching, diligent Netflix subscribers will be rewarded with a short, but sweet teaser for the long-awaited debut of Luke Cage.

The teaser is only available to Netflix subscribers, as for the rest waiting for its eventual Youtube leak, don’t fret. The teaser is fairly short and not as revealing, or exciting, as the Civil War’s Spider-Man appearance or the controversial Immortal Iron Fist casting announcement that dropped just a few weeks ago. However, it’s satisfying to see a character stemming from Jessica Jones finally get his own title, and Daredevil fans will recognize an all too familiar backdrop, further expanding the network of the MCU’s silver screen heroes.

Luke Cage will be ready for streaming/binge watching to your little hearts desire on September 30th, 2016.

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