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Album Review: Redfoo, ‘Party Rock Mansion’

By Angelo Gingerelli


It’s pretty clear that former LMFAO member Redfoo is not straying far from the Party Rocking theme of his former group by the title of solo debut. Party Rock Mansion continues the party started on 2009’s Party Rock and extended on 2011’s Sorry for Party Rocking. The album is actually a pretty fun listen and will absolutely provide the soundtrack to countless spring break trips, days at the beach and graduation parties this spring season, but the relentless party rocking does get somewhat redundant while listening to the album in one sitting.

The festivities start strong with “Keep Shining” (a song about partying until the sun burns out), followed by “Party Train” (a song about partying on a train), “Too Much” (partying, you guessed it, too much) and “Beach Cruisin’” (partying while riding a bike on the beach). These songs are clearly not very “deep,” in some ways Redfoo is an artist for people that think Flo Rida and Pitbull take themselves too seriously, but they are all fun, upbeat and the perfect soundtrack for the warmer temperatures and general vibe of the spring season.

The album loses steam in the middle with a few too many odes to female anatomy like “Booty Man” and “Juicy Wiggle”, odd attempts at romance (So Lit and the first single “New Thang”) and just straight bad advice (“Good Things Happen When Ya Drunk”). None of these cuts are terrible by themselves, but placed in the middle of 13 tracks of nothing but pure party rocking, they don’t quite meet the standard of the other songs in the collection.

Redfoo wraps up the album with a few collaborations including “Where the Sun Goes” featuring Stevie Wonder and “Meet Her Tomorrow” featuring Like Mike & Dimitri Vegas. These tracks prove what most fans suspected all along, that Redfoo is at his best when he’s a piece of a bigger puzzle and not the star of the show himself. Party Rock Mansion’s final song is the somber and somewhat out of place “Maybe” where he takes a break from Party Rocking and contemplates life when the party’s over, it’s a welcome change of pace and is the only song here that might win him new fans because of how far it strays from the rest of his work.

While most of Party Rock Mansion will not win Redfoo a lot of new fans, there are more than enough party rock anthems here to satiate fans of LMFAO that have missed their particular brand of club hopping silliness since they went on hiatus in 2012.

Best Songs: “Keep Shining,” “New Thang” and “Maybe”

Perfect For: Spring Break, Graduation Parties, bar crawls and all general Party Rocking needs

Rating 7 out of 10

Angelo Gingerelli
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