Recap: WWE NXT March 23rd Episode

Written by Tommy Tracy


Recap: WWE NXT March 23 Episode

-“Drift Away”! Sentiments shared amongst every NXT fan, as Elias Samson (apparently not Sampson, as I’ve been calling him for months) makes his boring ass to the ring to of course win a squash match…OH MY GOD! Johnny Wrestling ends Samson’s undefeated streak! Thank God, Gargano gets a win, Samson loses and now he’ll be buried further as it looks like he’s starting a program with Apollo Crews.

-Up next we see Rich Swann get a shot against NXT Champion, Finn Balor and the IWC’s hearts continue to pound. It’s no secret that Balor owns the NXT crowd but Swann has a large amount of the universe in the palm of his hands as well, which is fantastic for his future. This match was surprisingly more hard-hitting than high-flying, which was a welcome sight. These two matched kicks and holds but a Coup de Grace and a Brainbuster (what is he calling this) finishes off Swann. Excellent showing by both men.

-Backstage with my least favorite woman in wrestling, Dana Brooke, who claims to be the Total Diva. Yes, after Paige, the Bellas, Sasha, Charlotte, Becky, Asuka, Bayley, Eva, Nia Jax, Natalya, Carmella, Alexa Bliss and Emma, then maybe you have a shot, if Alicia Fox isn’t up to anything. Shut up, Dana.

-Now, onto a talented woman, as Alexa Bliss makes her beautiful way to the ring, facing off against…Sarah Dobson? She’s new, I’ve vaguely heard of her and she has a decent showing (with fan chants) until she botches a Top Rope Crossbody. Seriously girl, the hell are you doing? Bliss shows her how it’s done, finisher her off with the Sparkle Splash. Back to Dobson, shape up. There’s no place for injuries here.

-Backstage with Samoa Joe, who says nothing and is still more badass than Elias Samson.

-Apparently Bull Dempsey had another appearance after his contract extermination. I even gave the man a really nice farewell. Way to make me look stupid, NXT. It’s not much of a return (I was happy) as Joe attacks him and chokes him out. Again, total badass.

-Next is a GREAT video package chronicling American Alpha’s amateur wrestling career, their highs, their lows and their eventual team-up. Their new goal is the NXT Tag Team Titles and if this package doesn’t get you pumped, nothing will.

-The main event is a rematch between the show stealers of Takeover: London; Emma v. Asuka. And you know what? This match was just as good. While I doubted Emma would pull out a victory, the back and forth between the two women was great. Asuka’s kicks have to hurt, there’s no denying that. Asuka wins with the Asuka-Lock as the show comes to a close.

-Decent NXT but bring on Takeover: Dallas.