WrestleMania 32 Previews: The Women’s Matches


10-Diva Tag Team Match:

Natalya, Brie Bella, Alicia Fox, Paige, and Eva Marie vs. Lana, Summer Rae, Emma, Naomi, & Tamina

Let’s be honest. Very few of us care about this match. The moment Eva Marie showed up on RAW, the wrestling fandom collectively yawned themselves to death. She charged the ring, kicked a few people in the shins, and celebrated like we should be just soooooo excited for her appearance. I hate her in NXT, and thankfully I do not watch Total Divas, but I would probably hate her there too. This will likely turn into some sort of forced-surface heel turn which we all see coming, and no one will care. The tragedy here, is some of these ladies are damn talented. Paige, Natalya, Naomi, and even Emma could bring some excitement to this match. The major issue is this is yet another “Total Divas vs. WWE Divas” match, which makes zero sense since the “Total Divas” are WWE Divas anyway. Are we supposed to like the Total Divas team? Brie and Fox recently turned face, so that could make some sense of a nonsense situation.

Natalya, to her credit has been given a lot more screen time, even if it means jobbing to one of the other girls. Her recent matches with Charlotte have been spectacular.

Lana and Brie Bella, I am thankful this was not a one-on-one. It would have been a trainwreck. I know nothing of Lana’s actual wrestling skills, but Brie still does not impress me, despite learning how to do two of Daniel Bryan’s moves, which are, in no particular order, “left kick” and “right kick.”

Maybe I will be surprised and this will be a good match. To be blunt, this should have been on the pre-show.


WWE Divas Championship Triple Threat Match

Becky Lynch vs. Sasha Banks vs. Charlotte

Now this is the women’s match we want. Might as well call it an NXT Championship match. If WWE allows these three to go full-throttle and give us a damn clinic, I would be grateful. I fear the forces behind the scenes may tell them to slow it down or to ease up on the gas so-to-speak, just to prevent them from being better than the WWE Championship match. This is no joke. I think their lock ups and headlocks will be more entertaining than the main event.

Enough Reigns bashing. Charlotte, has improved on the mic and still dominates the ring like an unbeatable athlete. She has the help of Ric Flair in her corner, so the underhanded tactics will be in play, and I expect some form of it from Banks and Lynch as well. They have told a great story of the desire to be number one and to be WWE Divas Champion. Banks really did claw her way to the top in NXT, and Lynch, while given the impression of being ranked number two, I feel will put on a great show and be able to make her own Mania Moment. Lynch could be Divas champion one day, but it will not be at WrestleMania.

Sasha Banks could be the candidate to win, her uncle, Snoop Dogg is being inducted into the WWE Hall of Fame, so there is the chance of seeing her celebrate with dear ol’ uncle Dogg. However, it should be noted she came to WWE/NXT on her own, with no use of her famous relative as a means of entry. Banks worked hard to get to where she is, and a gimmick which others probably would have dropped the ball on, she made into a gold mine.

Charlotte is the Diva to beat. She is crass and cocky, while she does rely on “daddy” gimmicks to fuel her current persona, it puts in her in a great position to keep the title using some of dear old dad’s dirtiest player in the game tricks, or, it might come to backfire. I like her as a heel because she plays up the arrogance well in the ring. On the mic, not so much.

One thing is for certain, this match will be memorable.