Flash Movie Loses Director Due to Creative Difference

Written by Alisha Weinberger

Warner Bros. loses “The Flash” film director over “creative differences”

According to reports, director Seth Grahame-Smith has walked away as director from The Flash movie, due to “creative differences” with Warner Bros.

Grahame-Smith, the author and screenwriter for Pride & Prejudice & Zombies and Abraham Lincoln: Vampire Hunter, also wrote the script for the cinematic incarnation of The Flash.

The Flash logo.

This isn’t the first time that Warner Bros. has had directors leave over “creative differences” with DC properties, Wonder Woman which is due June 2017, replaced original director Michelle MacLaren with Patty Jenkins over a similar situation. There is no word yet as to who will replace Grahame-Smith.

With less than a month of recovery from Zack Snyder’s divisive Batman v. Superman, DC’s cinematic universe is exploding in a big bang of news. Shortly after a wave of less-than positive reception for Dawn of Justice, Warner Bros. announced Ben Affleck (arguably the film’s few saving graces) would be set to direct the Batman standalone movie, of which he also wrote the script. A menagerie of Suicide Squad trailers and imagery followed, as it approaches its final phases and reshoots. Industry buzz aside, Dawn of Justice alone made DCCU fans restless with the film’s rushed and debatably shoe-horned set up of other key Justice League characters, and the reveal of Ezra Miller as The Flash, rather than tying into the continuity of the WB series.

Audiences may agree there is not only a Hollywood trend in remakes and adaptations, specifically comic book source material, but there is also an affinity for over-dramatization and hyper-masculinity as an attempt to make these properties more mature, serious, and (ironically) believable. How many films will be drowned in the repetitive, solemn blue tones and hues, or how long will it take for fans to go deaf from all the Nolan, Inception-esque horns in trailers? Grahame-Smith, who is also set to direct the studio’s Lego Batman movie, as well as the Beetlejuice sequel, may have been a breath of fresh air from these tropes.

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