TV Recap: NXT May 4th Edition


NXT May 4, 2016

-We start the show with the NEW NXT Champion, Samoa Joe, who brags about being the new champion. I like Joe (a lot) but it did take him three times to beat Finn. Just sayin. Eric Young, NXT’s newest signing interrupts him, and the crowd explodes. Joe leaves the ring like all these guys have left TNA and we’re hinted at a future NXT title match. Joe has been the same guy for fifteen years but EY has come along way since “Don’t Fire Eric!” Lol TNA.

-Our first match of the night introduces us (or maybe just me) to Tessa Blanchard, taking on Nia Jax. Can you say squash? Incredibly pointless, as Blanchard is a sure talent with her family history, being the daughter of the legendary Tully Blanchard.

-Up next is my favorite jobber, Tye Dillinger, who gets as big of a reaction as anyone in TNA but hasn’t won a match since…ever. He’s taking on Austin Aries, who may out handsome Dillinger. He also out wrestles him, at least in terms of victory. Even though Dillinger always loses, he always gives his all and this way an awesome, albeit short, match. He’s the Dolph Ziggler of NXT. Also, how the hell does Aries do the things he does? The man is seriously incredible.

Hype Bros. v. The Revival is going to be a great rivalry. Two bruisers fighting two party animals; what’s not to love? The Revival isolate Ryder for most of the match, focusing on his injured…head? Yeah, Ryder didn’t bang his head against anything but that’s the focal point. He gets the hot tag to Mojo and my God, this man is explosive, there’s not denying that. He’s taken out shortly after his little hype burst by the always awesome Shatter Machine.

-Backstage with Alex Riley, talking smack on Nakamura. Remember when he was an apprentice to the WWE Champion? [Note: And how he’s now future endeavored?]

-So next is No Way Jose, who may possibly be as fun as Adam Rose was (pre-main roster call up). I also appreciate the crowd rocking a “Jose!” chant in the tune of Sami Zayn’s “Ole!” He beats…a guy whose name was cut off by a commercial. However, he’ll be the next Fandango. Si se puede!

-Backstage with Austin Aries, who begins to hit on my future ex-wife, Cathy Kelley. He wants to get to the top. Don’t we all?

-Hold the phone! Eric Young is actually debuting IN THE RING TONIGHT! That was not made clear at the beginning of the episode but color this fan intrigued. I haven’t seen EY wrestle since around 2011, mostly because TNA is absolute garbage. He hasn’t missed a step and looked great in his NXT debut. His swinging neckbreaker looks devastating, like he actually snapped Joe’s neck. Speaking of Joe, it never seizes to amaze me how quickly he moves for a guy his size. Joe controls the majority of the match but Young gets his momentum going and hit’s a gorgeous elbow from the top rope.  Joe returns the favor with a Muscle Buster and finished Young off with a Coquina Clutch. This wasn’t for the title and Joe should have lost. He doesn’t look strong in a tapout defeat like this. Awesome match ruined by bad booking. It’s like Vince had a say in the finish, Sigh.

-All in all, decent NXT, even if parts were slightly disappointing.

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