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Yoga Hosers Trailer Is Finally Released

It’s time sit back, relax, and kick some “Bratzi” ass because the first trailer for Kevin Smith’s newest film, “Yoga Hosers” is out and “aboot.”

The films trailer, as reported on Collider, shows many interesting characters that join the “True North” Trilogy, including a tusk-less Justin Long in a new role as the yoga instructor, Tony Hale (of Arrested Development/Veep fame), and of course Johnny Depp’s private detective from Tusk, Guy Lapionte.

‘Yoga Hosers’, Smith’s second film in his True North Trilogy, stars Harley-Quinn Smith and Lilly Rose Depp as the Colleens who are our fated heroines who are slated to fight the evil forces known as the “Bratzis.”

Smith and Depp are of course the daughters of Kevin Smith and Johnny Depp and this will be their first leading major motion picture debut, and by the looks of the trailer, they do their daddy’s proud.

Kevin Smith also most fittingly plays the villain of the film, the “Bratzi,” and while it wets my appetite, it still makes me long for the day when Silent Bob comes back and doesn’t seem so silent anymore.

To check out all the insane Canadian fun that awaits us in the summer, check out the trailer now and stop being such a hoser.


Laura Dengrove
Laura Dengrove
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