The BreakCast: The Civil War Podcast


The BreakCast: The Civil War Podcast

On Friday night, May 6 a highly caffeinated Dan Cohen, and a whiskey fueled Bill Bodkin, got together to discuss the latest Marvel feature film, Captain America: Civil War.

And it turned into a civil war — albeit a friendly and respectful one.

Now, before you dive into this podcast please be warned there are a megaton of spoilers here. We literally talk about every single aspect of this film, so if you haven’t seen it, bookmark this page and come back.

There’s a lot debated in this podcast including: the debut of Spider-man and Black Panther, the dialogue, whether it tops Winter Soldier, whether Batman v Superman “did it better,” does the film suffer from the pitfalls of every Marvel film, and does this live up to the “greatest comic book movie ever” hype that’s been heaped upon it.

If you have seen it, we have some recommended reading for you, since we make references to these throughout the podcast.

First, check out Logan J. Fowler’s review of Captain America: Civil War to get his thoughts on the film, including Spider-man’s debut.

Second, we refer a lot to the Summer Movie Podcast, check it here.

And finally, we talk a lot about Batman v Superman, you can read Dan’s review here.

Thanks to Lucas P. Jones for the audio engineering.

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