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Holy Panel Recap, Batman: Adam West and Burt Ward at MegaCon

Written by Dylan Brandsema


Holy Panel Recap, Batman: Adam West and Burt Ward at MegaCon

What was possibly the most anticipated event of the final day of MegaCon 2016, the Adam West & Burt Ward Q&A panel began with a deafening, uproarious applause as Batman and Robin themselves stepped out onto the stage.  A standing ovation that lasted what had to have been several minutes. This was a room filled extremely passionate and dedicated fans.


Before the questions commenced, Adam and Burt teased a new project. They revealed no details of any sort – not even a title or who’s in charge – but all we know is that is it is indeed Batman related, and it will be officially unveiled, whatever it is, in November.

As expected at any panel with individuals of such high stature and popularity, there was loads of gushing praise preceding the questions – actually, in this case, it was overshadowing it. Numerous people (more, in fact, than people who actually wanted to know something) stepped up to the mic just to tell Batman & Robin how much they love them, and then marched off, giddy with excitement.  It’s typical that this kind of Q&A panel behavior will usually annoy an audience, or even the panelists, but every retort and response given by Adam and Burt was met with boisterous and wild laughter. They ate everything up. The duo even sang happy birthday to a fan at his request.

One of the real questions asked, though, was what their favorite episode of the Batman series was. Ward didn’t answer, but Adam West cited the pilot episode as his favorite, because he “got to do a lot of dancing.”

When asked what some of the most important lessons were that they’ve learned in their lives, the answers were: have a sense of humility, always be willing to listen, and don’t be judgmental.

Much to the fans’ disappointment, the panel was cut a full 30 minutes short of its originally scheduled hour due to apparent changes in flight times for West and Ward.  There was a feeling of mutual disappointment among the crowd, and I think West and Ward were disappointed too. Not a lot of ground was covered during the short Q&A event, but it was absolutely fun while it lasted.

Dylan Brandsema is a staff writer for Pop-Break specializing in film and television. When he isn’t writing reviews or spending too much analyzing the medium, he’s writing and directing his own independent films as well as drinking way too much soda. Currently at full-time film major at Full Sail University, Dylan eats, sleeps, and breathes everything related to the cinema. You can follow him on Twitter @SneakyOstrich69.


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