Survey Says: Celebrity Family Feud Is a Hit

Written by Jennifer Amato


I have been a fan of Family Feud all my life. I rocked the board game. I was great at the Nintendo video game. I was nerdy and made up my own questions and answers.

Having celebrities and their families as contestants adds a special element to the show. I’ve always found it intriguing to observe someone in their natural environment, so watching people let loose and give honest answers is very interesting. It’s somewhat endearing, as silly as that may sound, to see stars smiling, laughing, jumping up and down and hugging their mothers/fathers/sisters/brothers/whomever when they score a lot of points, win a round/Fast Money or even just give a great answer.

Though my favorite host has always been the late Ray Combs, Steve Harvey is humorous, especially with his facial expressions. He offers swag and sarcasm that clearly entertains all of the contestants. The best is when he laughs, pauses, and then continues to laugh, as if he is trying to stay composed but recognizes the hilarity of the answers his guests give. Though I definitely do miss hearing, “Survey says.”

In terms of the questions, those on Celebrity Family Feud seem to be more “mature” – such as the first question being, “Name something specific only a man is allowed to do to your behind” and the answers being pat it, fondle it, kiss it and rub it. The second question was “Name something Steve Harvey would look extra sexy in.” Suit and tie. Gold thong. Skinny jeans. Booty shorts. And … nothing. “If your man was on the nude sports calendar, what sports ball would he be holding that’s big enough to cover his manhood?” Basketball, football, soccer ball … even a marble.

Overall, any fan of Family Feud will enjoy the celebrity version. And anyone who is not familiar with Family Feud, after they come out from under their rock, will come to love the question-and-answer survey show.

Rating: 8.5 out of 10

Family Feud airs Sundays at 8 PM on ABC

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