‘The Warriors’ Set for Television Debut

Written By: Nicole Feleo

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According to Deadline, a television adaption of the cult classic 1979 movie The Warriors is “coming out to play” for Paramount TV and Hulu.

The Russo Brothers, known for their part in the making of the last two Captain America movies and the upcoming Avengers two-parter (Avengers: Infinity War), are remaking the epic one-night journey of the Warriors gang surviving the subways and streets of New York City after being framed for murder.

The original film directed by Walter Hill, was based on a book by Sol Yurick. Not surprisingly, the novel is a retelling of a Greek epic, except this time our Iliads and Virgils originate from Coney Island, New York.

The writer of the television series will be Frank Baldwin, also employed to write the film adaption of the novels The Racketeer and The Run, both of which are still in development.

The odyssey of the Warriors will theoretically be lengthened into major episodic battles and give more time for character development and perhaps more importantly– gang development. The exciting and unique spin to each adversary to the Warriors will potentially be more intricate and interesting this time around.

According to Deadline, the adaptation will “honor the original film,” but will supply “its own unique brand of grit, pulp, sex and violence.”

Keep those bottles clanking for upcoming news on this major television remake.

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