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Pro Wrestling Podcast Power Rankings: Stand Back! We’re Keepin’ It 100

Written by Mark Henley


Talk is Jericho – EP262 – Hurricane Helms


This week, Jericho talks to his former riding partner Shane “Hurricane” Helms in what ends up being everything a fan could want in a wrestling podcast. There are fun, behind the scenes stories of Helms’ first match in the WWE, his altercation with Buff Bagwell, and Jericho’s shoot fight with Bill Goldberg. Both Jericho and Helms’ personalities really shine and it really feels like fans are getting the inside dirt on the business they love so much.

The Steve Austin Show – EP339 – Prince Puma A.K.A. Ricochet


There has been a very famous match going around on the internet where this week’s guest, Riccochet, wrestled Will Ospreay and the quality of the match has been a hot topic of debate on many a podcast. The Host, Steve Austin himself, has discussed it on damn near every episode since the match hit YouTube. So it feels right that Riccochet himself come on the show and share his feelings on his own work. This is a fun episode because Austin gets to use his show to promote a young wrestler that he really seems to respect and Riccochet gets to talk to an audience that might not be familiar with his work. They discuss the famous match, Lucha Underground, and many other very worthwhile topics.

Keepin’ It 100 with Konnan – EP 1 – Chris Jericho, Juventud Guerrera, and More


For a show called “Keepin’ it 100”, there is a lot of fake shit going on in this podcast. Although, I suppose you would really call it “staged.” The episode starts with a long list of famous figures in the wrestling world (i.e. Colt Cabana) talking about how bad the Konnan show is going to be. Then, Konnan pretends that Disco Inferno has “hijacked” his recording session and is forcing his way on to the show to be his guest co-host. If I was hosting a show that was defined by being 100% real, I don’t think I would be going for an aesthetic that is based around fake drama.

That being said, there is some really good content on this episode. Konnan is really smart and his wrestling analysis is very insightful (although I think he is way too hard on the modern masterpiece “The Final Deletion”). He also managed to get a really interesting out of the nearly over exposed Chris Jericho.

Oh, and there is a really great moment where Konnan’s co-host forgets the name of both Jericho’s and Konnan’s podcasts.

Art of Wrestling – Jim Brunzell


I had a difficult time contextualizing Jim Brunzell in my head. As a member of the Killer Bees, he was famous 20 years before I ever started watching wrestling and Colt didn’t really set him up in the beginning of the episode. This was very unusual as host, Colt Cabana, typically does a great job introducing even the most obscure of guests on other episodes. They still have a fun conversation and it is interesting to hear about Vince McMahon from someone who seems completely immune to Vince’s charms, but this wasn’t one of Cabana’s strongest episodes.

Talk is Jericho – EP263 – Eric Singer


I am not a KISS fan, even though I was definitely a metalhead in High School. Sure, I like a couple KISS songs (“Strutter” and… maybe just “Strutter”), and I could name all of the original members, but I didn’t know anything about KISS’s longest running drummer, Eric Singer. But, I thought this episode was really fun. There is even a really heartbreaking part where Singer grapples with the difficulty of replacing Eric Carr due to Carr’s declining health.

Editor’s Run-In: KISS RULES.

The Ric Flair Show on MLW Radio – Episode 1: Cody Rhodes (Part 1)


Woooo! Ric Flair is back in the podcast business with an interview with his friend’s son (and recently released from his WWE contract), Cody Rhodes. Flair seems to have a genuine affection for Cody and his stories about how he wanted his late son, Reid, to wrestle Cody when they were both in high School are very sweet. It’s also fun to hear just how excited Cody is to wrestle Kurt Angle at an upcoming show and to hear Ric Flair excitedly remember wrestling Angle in his past.

The Ross Report – EP125 – Eric Bischoff and Jeff Hardy


No other podcaster in the wrestling podcast world cares less about the show he or she produces than Jim Ross. This week, he sleepily interviews Jeff Hardy about nothing for a few minutes before meandering through an hour long interview with Eric Bischoff. Fortunately for listeners, Ross and Bischoff occasionally find something interesting to talk about (i.e. meeting Muhammed Ali), but all of that is sandwiched between complaining that cruiserweights don’t know how to sell and the very well tread upon topic of how to utilize Roman Reigns.

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