Bold Box Office Predictions: Will Ghostbusters Scare Up Huge Money, or Be a Bust?


Notable Openings This Weekend: Ghostbusters, The Infiltrator

CONTROOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOVERRRRSSSSY!!!!!  Holy Moses, Ghostbusters is finally opening.  I can’t read one more tweet about this movie.  “You’re sexist if you don’t like this!”  “They’re ruining my childhood!”  “The trailers suck!”  “Get over your nostalgia!”  “You suck!”  “I suck!”  Ahhhhhhhhhh…enough!  It’s a movie!  If you don’t want to see it, fine.  If you do see it, judge it as a film and move on with your life.  I’ve certainly had my opinions, but Geez Louise!  Enough already!  Now having said that, I’m very much looking forward to discussing this film once I actually see it.  Now here’s a little inside baseball – by the time you read this you’ll already know what I think.  That’s right.  My review can be found right here.  But as I write this, I still haven’t seen the film.  I feel like a time traveler.  Enough with the butterfly theories though, let’s get into it – how is the most controversial movie in the history of film actually going to perform?

ghost pic 2

Despite all the baggage, nonsense and horrible marketing this film has endured, I actually believe it’s going to do fairly well.  I was surprised to see it’s opening in less than 4,000 screens.  Usually big summer movies are easily over that mark.  You can say what you want about Ghostbusters, but you can’t deny it’s not a big summer release.  The production is also relatively okay at $144 Million, according to box office mojo.  There are two reasons why Ghostbusters will “bust” up the box office.

First and foremost, the reviews are good.  Nobody expected a Rotten Tomato score above 70%.  Now maybe there’s a lot of political correctness shenanigans going on (a discussion for another day), but nevertheless, the reviews are good.  There’s also the curiosity factor.  There is no bad publicity.  For all the diehard Ghostbuster fans screaming at the top of their lungs, they’re still all going to see it.  The cast and reviews will certainly bring in a new audience, and Sony still gets the disgruntled Ghostbusters crowd.  That’s a winning formula.  The real test will be word of mouth next weekend.

We also have a random Bryan Cranston crime drama that opened on Wednesday.  It’s under 2,000 screens and won’t finish in the top five.  The end.


In all likelihood, Ghostbusters will finish second to The Secret Life of Pets, which I’m sure the negative nellies will be quick to point out as a big fat Slimer fail.  If Ghostbusters can get to $50 Million, it’s a win.  I believe that will happen.

1. The Secret Life of Pets – $56 Million

2. Ghostbusters – $53 Million

3. The Legend of Tarzan – $12 Million

4. Finding Dory – $11 Million

5. Mike and Dave Need Wedding Dates – $8 Million

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