My Chemical Romance Reunion in the Works?


Cue in the lyrics for “Welcome To The Black Parade” since it looks like My Chemical Romance “will carry on!” My Chemical Romance just released a cryptic 34 second video across social media with the piano intro for “Welcome To The Black Parade” playing in background and the ending reveals a date – September 23, 2016.

One visit to their website reveals a brand new logo – a black cross with the letters MCRX in each corner. Fans could also pre-order a t-shirt from Hot Topic with this new logo on the front.

Let’s focus on the letter X for a second. Believe it or not, The Black Parade celebrates its tenth-anniversary this year as the album was originally released on October 23, 2006. My Chemical Romance parted ways in 2013 and an official reunion to celebrate this album’s legacy would be a glorious way to rekindle their relationship with their fanbase as well as a new generation of listeners craving the chance to experience The Black Parade live.

Before we jump to conclusions, September 23, 2016 could symbolize a number of different things: an album reissue or one-off live performance. Since we’re a New Jersey based website, we are hopeful that New Jersey’s best export over the last fifteen-years will return in full glory. The world needs some uplifting news and My Chemical Romance possesses “The Black Parade” to unite us all.