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Pro Wrestling Podcast Power Ranking: Talk Is Jericho Dominates the Charts

Written by Mark Henely


Talk is Jericho – EP264 – Paul Scheer


Paul Scheer is so funny and such a pro when it comes to podcasting. He came on Chris Jericho’s show with stories to tell. All Jericho had to do was sit back and let Scheer’s personality shine. And to Jericho’s credit, he did it. Scheer’s stories about auditioning for SNL are very funny and frustrating in a good way. This episode might not have anything to do with wrestling, but it is great podcasting and easily the best podcast of the week.

Talk is Jericho – EP265 – Talk’n Shop Live in Hawaii


This is a really fun episode, although it could be argued that it is sort of unlistenable. Everyone on this episode talks over each and the concept behind the episode is very strange. Basically, Luke Gallows and Karl Anderson had a podcast before they were in WWE where they did impressions, talked shit, and acted very silly. This episode is supposed to serve as a “final episode” for that podcast. Chris Jericho gets Gallows, Anderson and AJ Styles into his hotel room in Hawaii and they get so rowdy that they are repeatedly told to quiet down by the hotel staff.

I was very excited for this episode because Jericho’s recent episodes where he interviews Karl Anderson, Luke Gallows, and AJ Styles are among his best episodes ever. In this episode, Gallows and Anderson lead the show and so it is much harder to follow than the previous episodes. But, when the episode is followable, the content is really fun. Gallows and Anderson are really funny. My favorite is when Uncle Allen “AJ Styles” and his position on Democrats.

Keepin It 100 With Konnan – EP2 – Juventus Guerrera Returns, plus a RAW Breakdown, Heyman in London & The UFC


I feel like I shouldn’t like Konnan’s podcast, but I do. If you can get past Konnan’s occasional homophobic jokes and misogynist comments, then listeners will find some strong analysis of the latest in wrestling news. They do a really good job of breaking down UFC 200 and their thoughts on the WWE’s attempt at copying the Final Deletion are very insightful.

The Steve Austin Show – EP341 – Chip Foose


I don’t think cars are interesting, so I thought this episode where Stone Cold interviews famous hot rodder, Chip Foose, about working on cars. But, I found this episode very listenable. Chip is a quiet, but very interesting guy. He has a skill that he has mastered, but he is still very humble about his place in the universe.

I wouldn’t blame wrestling fans for not checking out this podcast, but those that do will find something to like.

The Ross Report – EP126 – Eric Bischoff


There is a really good part where Eric Bischoff talks about what it was like working the Ultimate Warrior. He credits the Warrior for having a real passion for the business, but for being uncontrollable and selfish.

The rest of the episode is standard skippable Ross Report fare.

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