The Joker Takes Center Stage in New Suicide Squad Trailer

the joker

The Joker is back, and this time his jokes are a little more serious…

In the latest trailer for DC’s Suicide Squad, we get a closer look at the man who is always smiling.

While the trailers for Suicide Squad have remained light on the Joker in the past months, this one solely focuses on him as we get closer and closer to the release date of the film.

We see glimpses of his fascination and romance with Harely-Quinn, played by Margot Robbie, and a sneak peek into what his role may be in this group of mischievous thugs.

Jared Leto is the latest actor to take on the green haired mantle as the clown prince of Gotham, and it looks like we will be getting a very different portrayal of the man then we have become accustomed to in past years.

Past actors who have donned the purple suit are Cesar Romero, Jack Nicholson, and Heath Ledger, who tragically died shortly after the role and won an Oscar for his portrayal of the dark comedian.

Leto has continued to remark that his role as the Joker will be very different, with huge amount of respect to Ledger who portrayed him a few years back, and from the looks of this trailer, those words couldn’t be truer.

For more details on Leto’s mysterious role as the Joker, we will just have to wait and see until August 5th when the film will finally be released for public viewing.

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