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Rami Malek talks Mr. Robot Season 2, working with Christian Slater & more

Rami Malek in Mr. Robot
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Rami Malek talks Mr. Robot Season 2, working with Christian Slater & more

Rami Malek, decked out in an awesome Hawaiian shirt, sat down with Pop-Break.com for a roundtable interview at San Diego Comic-Con on Friday July 22.

One week ago (roughly), the 35 year old actor received a Best Actor in a Drama Emmy nomination for his portrayal of hacker Elliott Anderson. The USA series was also nominated for Best Drama.

Prior to his role on Mr. Robot, Malek was a familiar face in the film, and television world. On the small screen he was a regular guest on Michael Rappaport’s sitcom The War at Home. He also had multi-episode runs on 24¬†and The Legend of Korra. He also starred in the HBO mini-series The Pacific as PFC Merrell “Snafu” Shelton. On the silver screen, Malek is probably most recognizable for his performance as Ahkmenrah in the Night at the Museum franchise. He also had supporting roles in Tom Hanks’ dramedy Larry Crowne, The Twilight Saga: Breaking Dawn Part 2, Need for Speed, and Battleship.

Below are the questions the roundtable interviewers asked Malek, and the timestamp which he gave his answer:

Question #1: Do you ever, because the show can be really confusing, and is the script as confusing? Do you ever have to ask [director] Sam Esmail for help as to what to do?

Answer: 00:17

Question #2: Is it a bit of a different experience having him direct every episode?

Answer: 1:52

Question #3: A question about exhaustion, and performing the character of Elliott was posed to Malek. (Due to noise of the interview room, the question is inaudible).

Answer: 4:45

Question #4: A question is posed to Malek about his relationship and interaction with Christian Slater’s character in Season 2.

Answer: 5:06

This video was recorded by Al Mannarino and Ryan Demarco, with editing by Erin Mathis. Question transcription was written by Alisa Weinberger.

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