Christian Slater talks Mr. Robot Season 2, filming scenes with Rami Malek, & more

Christian Slater in Mr. Robot
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Christian Slater talks Mr. Robot Season 2, filming scenes with Rami Malek, and more!

Christian Slater has had one hell of a career, and it seems like he’s having one hell of a time working on USA’s hit series Mr. Robot. The ageless 46-year-old actor recently scored a Supporting Actor Emmy nomination (and a Golden Globe nom) for his role in the series.

Slater’s film career has seen him attached to massively successful, and culturally important films like: Robin Hood: Prince of Thieves, Pump Up the Volume (which he received an Independent Spirit Award nom), Heathers, Young Guns II, True Romance, Gleaming the Cube, and Interview with the Vampire. On the small screen Slater starred in a number of series including: My Own Worst Enemy, The Forgotten, and Breaking In. He also has had a run as the voice of “Slater” on FX’s hit animated series, Archer.

Pop-Break caught up with Slater at a roundtable at San Diego Comic-Con. Below are the questions he was asked, and the times he answered:

Question 1: I was just talking to Rami Malek about last night’s episode, about him doing all the Aderall and trying to get rid of you. It seems like your role is the manifestation of his father. Is it like you’re more of an alternate character, not really his father anymore?

Answer: 00:36

Question 2: We were just talking to Darlene (Carly Chaikin). F Society has kind of become her thing, do you think she is ever going to come in contact with Mr. Robot down the road?

Answer: 1:24

Question 3: I remember watching an episode last season, and the scene where you take over Elliott and get Elliott punched in the café. I really realized how powerful you were, is this one of those moments for you where you were like ‘Oh I’m this good’?

Answer: 2:14

Question 4: Before the big the reveal, it seemed like you were more of a guardian angel for him. But when the reveal happened, you’re completely on the other side, a devil. Do you think that was just to get him back on the horse, to get back into the guardian angel mentality? Or is it devil from here on out?

Answer: 3:09

Question 5: Last night’s episode we saw your character for the first time actually acknowledge the audience, he talks subliminally to the audience in his head, and this is the first time your character says ‘Don’t talk to them, they don’t know nothing.’ Is this something you’re going to again this season?

Answer: 4:13

Question 6: What I love is that it seemed Elliott could control you, like in the Shayla moment, it seemed he could overpower your advice. Do you think that it’s the fact that he is aware of what you are now that is making it hard for him to control you? What do you think can help him?

Answer: 5:28

This interview was filmed by Al Mannarino and Ryan DeMarco, edited by Erin Mathis, and transcription was done by Alisha Weinberger.

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